Week 5

School looked differently this week!

We figured out a way to do most of our week ahead of time so that two of us could go on vacation! We headed out bright and early for the sunshine!

P1060294H. waiting at the airport. It was about 6 am. at this point and we were both still very tired.

P1060302The city from the air

P1060303Enjoying a hot chocolate while waiting in Seattle airport

P1060305He learned a lot about airports, planes and how everything worked.

P1060307He found it all very fascinating!

P1060308And took lots of pictures!

P1060312Tired mom and son on the plane!

H. enjoyed taking pictures of some of the cloud and land formations as viewed from the air. He found it fascinating and kept his nose glued to the window. He kept squealing over new things. The man that sat next us was very entertained!

P1060331 P1060332 P1060333 P1060319 P1060322


We made it! While waiting for the car to arrive, we took the chance to take a picture with a large palm tree that he found fascinating!



P1060337 P1060338


P1060339He ate lunch and vanished! I went to look for him and found him passed out on the bed!He was exhausted!

P1060342 P1060341 He had fun, relaxing and getting to know the grandparents.


P1060344We went to a trip to the beach. It was just in time for our study of birds this next week!!! This little rock formation was covered with them.


P1060345 Reading the sign about the birds!

P1060346 There was a place to look at them up close!


P1060347The beauty of the ocean!


P1060349All ready for some fun!

P1060350 And he had a blast!P1060360 P1060361 P1060355My toes buries deep in the warm sand were very happy as well!

P1060356 P1060357 Oh, come on….who says big dark glasses aren’t cool?


P1060351 He played for a long time.


He worked hard pulling leaves and vines with these strange bulb looking plants on the ends out of the water and used it to build a small fort which he made into a smiley face.


P1060367His pile! Grandma commented on how nice it was that he could keep himself busy working hard!

P1060370 P1060366A bird that came to visit!

P1060365My beautiful grandmother!


P1060371 There was this neat outdoor shower to spray all the sand off!


Having fun in the poolP1060378


He was experimenting with flips!

P1060379 P1060381 P1060382 P1060384 P1060385Lounging in the sun!

P1060374We went to explore the fruit trees and garden below the house!

P1060376 Look at all those avocados!

P1060387Last dinner together! My wonderful grandparents spoiled us!

P1060389Again, bright and early, ready to head home!

We met all the family in a nearby city. We were planning on going to a theme park, but we got rained out and had to come up with other fun things instead.



Playing with my nephew!

P1060392Enjoying breakfast at the hotel!


Waiting for a table


When we finally got one, we all squished into the booths and enjoyed a fine meal!

P1060401 P1060403It was a fun week! The boys went to some classes at a music store and learned all about pianos. We went shopping and spent a lot of time visiting and eating. It was good to go and good to be home! We are back in the rhythm of normal school again, until my next trip!









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