Week 6

I fell down on the job of taking pictures this week!

Monday- after doing our regular school…we planned an evening event. We watched the movie The Robe together with some other high schoolers. It is interesting how many good messages are hidden in there. So many things about forgiveness, spoke to me. It is an old movie, so it doesn’t have all the special effects of today, but the message is so deep.

We also started basketball practice and I have L. and H. doing some extra ones as well. Hopefully it pays off when time to play comes!
We had to get the oil changed and I took advantage of the TV at the dealership and we watched Animal planet. They learned a ton about snakes!

Wednesday was field trip day!


Everyone waiting to get started!

P1060406 P1060405

Making their own pizzas back in the Pizza Hut kitchenP1060410 P1060409 P1060408 P1060413 P1060412Watching the process

Everyone had a lot of fun! P1060411  P1060415 P1060414


P1060416Eating it was a lot of fun too!

P1060419 P1060418 It was good for the moms and kids!

After Pizza Hut, we headed to the library with the high school students. They took a little tour on where things were in the library and then delved into how to use the library resources to write a research paper.

P1060422Showing us the microfiche for newspapers back to the late 1800’s.

P1060421 He showed us the resources through the library website as well.

P1060420A few books that we collected  to help us with history.

P1060423 Everyone listening intently to the reference librarian sharing with us!

P1060431Working hard on Math

P1060432Heading off to writing class

P1060439 Always time to cuddle a cousin!

P1060449 P1060448Or take a picture with them!

P1060452 P1060450We were able to go to a Pregnancy center fundraiser and attend a Mark Shultz concert on Thursday! It was a great experience!

We finished off the week with a very busy day.

My high schooler did  TAG- (Teen adventure group) which was listening to a speaker  from the local community college. He then did some algebra, completed his service project for the week which was packaging meals for a Meals on Wheels project, he spent some more time on math and then had a birthday party to go to. The other boys did history, science, etc. and then went to a science class up at the park. They had a great time learning up there!


I am tired out and ready for a weekend! We are halfway into Week 7, so that means hopefully, we will have most of our work done when we skip a week!




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