Homeschooling – Week 7&8 in one

P1060454 T. reading one of the book basket books on Felicity’s life

P1060455His other read for the day was a little heavier. The weather has not been so nice, and we have not been able to go out to explore for identifying plants, but we read a bunch!

P1060456 P1060457 P1060458

Pointing out all the pictures was a lot of fun. They found the slavery pictures especially fascinating and horrifying, in light of our read aloud this week. Amos Fortune  Freeman by Elizabeth YatesP1060460

P1060462P. my high schooler, working away on his paper on the computer. His history book is sitting along side him.

P1060463“Do you think I am going to live through high school, Mom?”

P1060467T. working on the bed….

P1060453L. working on copy work

Today was a tough day! We are cramming a lot of knowledge into one week and I am not sure if we are going to retain it all. I am sure I am going to have to back over and review stuff, but that is a given most of the time!

P1060469T. doing sentence writing on a mini whiteboard on my bed.

P1060470His brother, L. reading his chapter book on the other end of the bed

P1060471Cheeky grins and looks…


P1060487Learning to put together a bookshelf…

P1060488 I think it goes like this…

P1060489 Got it!! Just have to screw it in!

P1060490 And nail on the back! All done!!

P10605137th/8th team for 2013

P10605085th/6th team for 2013

P1060503Listening to the coach

P1060514Playing  I spy with himself and his breakfast.

P1060517A great breakfast in his opinion!

P1060516 P1060515Basking in the sunshine, doing copywork and reading bible memory

P1060531The gorgeous view near here!


P1060530See all the trees changing color?

P1060520 We have been studying different types of animals. P1060519 P1060518Today was Bats.

P1060532They practiced using noise and smell to find each other.

P1060525 P1060527 P1060526 P1060529 P1060528They were blindfolded, half of them and half had to make noise and held something that made a smell. P1060523 P1060522 P1060521It was quite a good learning experience!

Then we went to a homeschool basketball game.

P1060533 P1060534 P1060535 P1060536 P1060537It was a good amount of running and you would think they would be tired after that, but L. seemed all amped up!

However, we completed a lot of school this week. We crammed a lot into one week and I proved that I could do it! I just have to keep up the pace!


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