Using your library with your Homeschool

Using Your Library 


By Martha Artyomenko

Today I took a group of high school students to the library. Our purpose there was to learn about some of the valuable resources the library offers to help them with writing a research paper and other school projects.


If you have not used or found the resources available through the library, I encourage you to look into them.  Many of them are available from your home, if you have high speed Internet and a computer or tablet.  Tony, one of the reference librarians, is very helpful and is available most of the time to answer any questions. You can email, call or visit the library at any time they are open.

On the library website there is a tab that says Databases and Resources. There are all sorts of things available on there.  Almost all of these require only a valid library card number.

The first one, if you click on Magazines and Journals, it can pull up resources for any paper you may be researching. It has citations available to put into your paper as well.


HomeworkMT is another part of the website. There are tutors available from 2 pm.-11 pm.  Sunday- Thursday to help walk you though homework questions.

Go through the library website to the link below.

If you are repairing a car and need the Chilton Manuals, they have most of them available to you.

There are history reference guides, links to Montana sites that can help you among others.

Located in the library, there is a vast amount of reference and non-reference material available to be copied or looked at the library. The Montana Memory project is quite interesting!


Remember this is one thing we can use as homeschoolers, that doesn’t cost us anything!  If it doesn’t get used, they often don’t feel it is needed!

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