Homeschool~ weeks 10, 11 and 12

The last few weeks feel like they have been a blur. It does not seem like I have done three weeks of school since I last blogged about school!

T. and I took a trip to Iowa. I had wanted to stop at Mt. Rushmore, but when we went through there, it was still closed down for the shutdown and the weather was horrible there.


The adventure in the snowstorm was interesting.P1060545

P1060560 P1060559 P1060558 P1060557 P1060556 P1060554Some of our car pictures and motel.

P1060596T. got to sleep in and do very little school this week!

P1060776We attended a wedding and came on home!

P1060896 P1060898We got to stop and give our amazing friend a hug and made it to Miles City that first day, which was amazing! T. crawled into bed and was out.

Once we made it home, we were back and running on the schedule. However, since I filled my camera with wedding pictures, I haven’t been taking as many of our school days. Here are a few that I did take!


Going bowling with the family..

P1060902Dont cry!!!


That is better

P1060900 P1060899Having fun with family!

P1060911Math games

P1060910Matching up cards with the answers

P1060909Reading science…we have learned about all sorts of things these last couple of weeks!

P1060908 P1060907 P1060906

Basketball games

P1060905 P1060904 P1060903

Lots and lots of basketball games! Practices, and games, between school, cooking and cleaning…

P1060912P. science experiment for biology labs. Moldy bread and moldy fruit…

We are now, I believe either completed or in the middle of week 12. I still have a few things to catch P. up on his high school history and we need to work on a few more writing projects. I am trying to work it out so we can take off half a week for Thanksgiving!

I will try to get more pictures taken, but for now….this is it!


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