Menu for the week

Ahh, menu planning! The Bane of my life….and also what keeps me sane. If it was not for meal planning we would not eat!
Lots of crock pot usage this week!
Today I put a package of chicken legs on top of sliced potatoes with spices in the crock pot. That was a hit! I hit the grocery store to catch last weeks sales, and spent $16 so far on three trays of chicken legs, 2 bags of lemons, and 3 bags of apples that were in great shape. That was great and the produce guy thanked me for buying the mark downs when I walked by with them!

I wish I had time to make fresh bread, yummy baked goods, but mostly, I have been running hither and thither and it is good if we eat dinner.

Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo, salad
Thursday: Burritos(cooked meat and beans from freezer),  rice (made in rice cooker), cut up carrots
Friday: Tortilla soup, cornbread (maybe…if I get home in time)
Saturday: Quick Chinese Chicken and Cabbage Spaghetti, 
Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Chicken, broccoli rice with cheese (from freezer)
Tuesday: Spaghetti and meatballs, salad  (meatballs and sauce from freezer)




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