Week 14 of school….

This was a fun week of school! We have really been enjoying our reading time and I am involving the boys in more and more of them reading aloud as well. This week, I had a couple of bad headaches, so we got to use that a little more.

We are reading and rereading James chapter 1, in an effort to somewhat memorize it. I am not sure if we will get there.

We studied Benjamin Franklin, George Whitefield (which in all my studies on him, I never knew they knew each other until this week), Jonathan Edwards, Japans Isolation, John Adams, and Abigail Adams.

My camera is full and I have been busy, so I don’t have many pictures!

We had some very busy basketball weeks, and this week was no exception. We had some games that have been going in our favor, but sometimes it seems the schools don’t like us as well then. I am not sure how to take that!

H. has been working hard on his math and L. on writing. L. was writing a story that was a news report from the perspective of a chicken and involved KFC. It was quite funny!

T. as stubborn as he is, read a couple of short books and words lists after some protest, but without hardly stumbling on anything and actually enjoyed the book!

I think we are going to finish the week out with more basketball, more reading, and I think I am getting the hang of this reading aloud thing! =)

P. is working hard on biology, algebra, humanities, history, writing and other things. He got really sick over the weekend, which set us behind, but we are trying to catch up! Thankfully no one else has gotten sick yet.


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