Menu for the week/ Thoughts on simplicity in our diets

Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Lemon Chicken (made without the mustard), mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday: Pancakes, eggs, Oven fries, pie
Wednesday: Moms house
Thursday: Thanksgiving
Friday: Moms house
Saturday: Turkey Enchiladas, spanish rice, salad

When I was reading this week, I read a Beany Malone book, one of my favorite series! I love them because one thing, is the meal planning in the book. Johnny, in Meet the Malones, smashes into a car that is taking eggs  to market. Promising to pay for the  dented fender, he forgoes his new typewriter, pays for the eggs and the Malone family is left with dozens of damaged and cracked eggs to eat. Since all of them have things they need money for, the siblings decide to figure out ways to make good meals on a low budget and spend the rest of the food money on their needs. Eggs play a key role in their menus and  Johnny tries to conquer  a special cake that uses a lot of egg whites and seems to always fail, in one way or another. There is no way you can read a Malone family book and not fall in love!

I have thought about this a lot this past while. We as a country on the whole are a very interesting people when it comes to food. We seem to believe now, that we deserve certain things as a right. We are too good to eat cracked eggs as we know there could be danger there now. We don’t want dented cans and throw out more food  all the time. I was buying fruit at the fruit stand and the produce man recommended trying a cabbage sandwich. 2 slices of bread, mayonnaise and a thick slice of cabbage sprinkled with salt was all there was to it.  That would be so foreign to us to think of food like that. Teens cooking for the family? That is so old fashioned, making real food out of real food?

Baking has too much gluten in it. Potatoes are full of starch. Eggs may be contaminated. We focus on things like organic labels and forget that sometimes the best stuff comes from sticking to basic food. Sugar is not good for you, but a little sometimes will not hurt you. Honey even gets a bad rap. I read a list from a nutritionist recently that had such great info on it, but went on and on about how honey was just as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup. We have come really far in the way of extremes  and to what we believe is healthy and not healthy. The next person that tells me they are allergic to cucumbers and beans, I may just have a conniption fit. I truly believe there are people with real allergies out there, but I also believe that we have created a lot of them.

We are a people with a picky palate that believe we need and deserve more than we truly do. It is near Thanksgiving and the time for feasting is at hand, thanking God for providing us with choices in this country for being able to follow special diets. But it is also a time to reflect on whether or not we have carried it a little too far. Are we thankful for simple food that we have on our tables or would we turn up our noses at a dinner of boiled potatoes and cornmeal mush as it was not balanced? Sometimes, I think we forget the goal in serving our families meals is to fill our bellies and not flatter our tongues.

When you go to the grocery store next time, instead of buying things that we have to read the label, stick to whole foods, try some things you may not have tried before, and think about maybe using things for meals you didn’t think went together. Try to make meals based around a food you have a lot of in your house and cut down your budget, as a fun game or to give some of the extra to another family.


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