Large Family Thanksgiving

You know you are a part of a large family  when Thanksgiving is very crowded, full of lots of food and lots of noise!

You start with lots of organizing, and then you know everyone will be sad if there is not leftovers.

So, your cooking list looks something like this….

2 turkeys (22 pounds each or more)

4 gallon bucket of peeled potatoes

1 gallon of green beans + 5 small cans

15 pies


What is funny is that when everyone shows up, you discover you have over 26 pies, not counting the extra desserts.

1474587_505530062877990_1388446942_nI know, a full table, nothing gourmet, but it tasted gourmet!

1458536_505530329544630_1874483501_nThere is always a lot of things going on in the kitchen….

1454986_505530299544633_2068898410_nLots of opinions, plus the standard arguments we plan for. =) I don’t know if all families have those, but we have the same arguements every year, so now we plan for them! For example, my mom likes so much cinnamon in her pie, it could burn your tongue a bit, and I prefer cinnamon on the lighter side. I prefer thinner gravy made with cornstarch, and my mom and sister prefer it thicker and with milk and flour, the list goes on!

1480698_505530356211294_1919865205_nThere is always lots of smiles and fun though!

1465184_10200657273147445_607944344_nAnd the pictures through the steam off the potatoes.  (That was only one of the pots of potatoes)



We had lots of yummy snacks to hold people over throughout the day and night! Eggnog is really yummy in Oolong tea, by the way!

1459844_505530149544648_81953240_n 1463639_505530186211311_72929015_n These were two of our Thanksgiving hunters. M. was washing his hands after he and P. skinned and gutted a deer.

1457606_505530269544636_257147889_nThe children had fun playing bank in the basement, even though there was a full load of wood pellets down there!

58659_505530409544622_450914805_nThe two tables were not enough for everyone to sit around, but everyone had lots to be thankful for. We went around the room and said one word of something we were thankful for. It was very nice and fast!

It was a great Thanksgiving and in spite of having so many pies, we managed to give them away along with small bags of leftovers to everyone.

Hope you all had a good one!





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One response to “Large Family Thanksgiving

  1. Jen Grunklee

    you’re making me long for family gatherings again! seems like they’ve gotten smaller if you only need 26 pies!


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