School week #19

Since it is the week before Christmas we are doing school a little different.

Monday~ We read our books in the morning and read extra from Distant Thunder. I probably should have read The Christmas Surprise, before that!! They spent an hour on P.E. as well.

Then we headed out after math and language arts were finished to make raviolis for Christmas. This is usually an all day project, and it really was! P. has basketball practice in the evening and when we finally ended up at home, it was late.

Tuesday~ We read more George Washington’s world,  history about John Adams and then I pulled up 1776 to watch to cement some of the facts. That was fun! Science was supposed to be about flowers, but they are a little scarce right now!

P. had a two hour practice after 1 hour of exercise beforehand to warm up, so three hours of P.E today. He was tired out when he got home, but helped with more arm exercise for grinding the meat.

P1060943 P1060945 P1060944

It was a combined effort!

P1060946 P1060948The end results!

The freezer is full of many good things! I am not a meat eater, but thankful for the freezer full.

P1060949Hopefully it all is good!

Wednesday: We read Distant Thunder and several chapters in George Washington’s world. We did math, handwriting practice, Language arts, and I headed over to my friends for her birthday and a cup of tea. It was very nice to take a small break!

The boys had a job cleaning up someones yard before church, and P. spent most of the day at the table working on math!


We finished Distant Thunder today! The boys loved it! It was great for putting some of the things we were reading into a way they could understand. We are planing on watching Liberty Kids again as well for the same reason.

I am a little tired of reading George Washington’s world though!

P1060951 The boys were looking at real pictures that I took of the Liberty Bell and City Hall, etc. in Philadelphia when I visited a few years back.

P1060950Language Arts….

This day was incredibly busy with lots of things to do, but we had a basketball game for P. in the afternoon, and more after that to watch, so P. and I were there, while F. took the other boys to my nephews program to watch. I wanted to go see my nieces orchestra play, but not this time. The game was fun though!

P1060956 P1060955 P1060954 P1060953Yes, lots of fast movements going on down there!

Friday is another day, which I will update tomorrow!


We took a slow day today. P. had work this morning. H. started the day with a workout and then we did  a lot of science.

I reorganized my school books in a wooden crate that looks nicer to have in the living room and we moved onto math and sewing projects.


P1060958 P1060959 Sewing project for the day

P1060960 P1060961 Working on math and language arts pages

We also are watching a Dear America episode or two to get the feel for some history! I hope to do some baking later as well.


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