Christmas Week





We had a game on Saturday, which took up most of our day! It was a lot of fun to watch! P1060965 P1060966 P1060967 P1060962 P1060963 P1060964

P1060968P. was so tired out!


Then we could move on to the rest of our week! We still had practice on Monday as well, as making it to the gym, but we spent most of the day getting ready for the rest of the week. I planned on baking, but instead spent a lot of time on laundry and cleaning. I was battling the plague of the fruit flies here and still, in spite of resorting to poison, have not conquered them.

P1060970 P1060969Tuesday night we had a Christmas eve meal of pizza, salad and wings with a fun White Elephant gift exchange.

P1060974 P1060977 P1060975It is always fun to have family together!

P1060982My beautiful, sleepy boys!

P1060985 P1060984 P1060993


They got a lot of legos for their gift! P1060996

P1060995L. was building a memory box for his stuff

We had a very relaxing morning, they got to eat breakfast, we cleaned, set off foggers and left. Everyone enjoyed opening their gifts that each person put a lot of work, thought and time into!

P1070016 P1070017 P1070020 P1070019 P1070018 P1070032 P1070031 P1070030 P1070029 P1070035 P1060998


P1060997Our snacks that vanished quicker this year!

P1070039 P1070038 P1070037Making dinner! Homemade raviolis, bread, and salad! It was amazing!

P1070043 P1070042 P1070041The next day we went sledding at my sisters house!

P1070040The spread of snacks!

P1070046 P1070047Some of the gleeful sledders!

P1070049My sister and babies

P1070055They had so much fun!

P1070057The beautiful view!

P1070060L. playing with more legos!



We went to my aunts to have a little Christmas party which was very nice! The kids had a blast, sledding again, eating food and playing games!

It is nice to have a down day and I am looking forward to getting back to school schedule next week!









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