Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Forever Friday

By Timothy Lewis

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

From Back cover:

Adam Colby is just doing his job, sorting through the unsold Alexander belongings after the estate sale. He is unprepared for what he finds in an old photo album, overlooked by the bargain hounds and treasure hunters—six decades of postcards and poems from Gabe Alexander to his wife, Pearl. The mystery of the Alexanders’ love entices Adam, a man unhinged by divorce and puzzled by the depth of commitment that he finds in the unabashedly romantic cards.

Forever Friday invites you to travel back in time to the early twentieth century Texas Coastal Bend where a young couple—Gabe and Pearl Alexander—are swept up in a miraculous love. As the heartwarming, pulse-quickening story of their relationship develops through Gabe’s poems, the Alexanders reveal a new way to consider what it means to be truly devoted to each other. Could the secrets of their love affair, laid to rest twenty years ago, hold the key to one man’s future?

My review:

I could immediately tell this romantic book was written by a man. That is not a bad thing, but it came from a totally different perspective than what I was used to. Gabe and Pearl had a beautiful love story, one that was woven through hardship, but through it all came an idea that Gabe had thought of when he first met Pearl or Huck as she was called.

The theme of the story was love. It was a love that even though they would go through rough times, they would stay true and Gabe would send postcards on Friday!

It was written in the fashion I mentioned earlier, and for sure had a manly spin on the romance, which was cute, but very straight and to the point. It sent me into a little tailspin to see how quickly things moved once she met Gabe and everything just took off.

The book kept me reading until I finished, I was back on the couch until it was done!


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