Goals for 2014

I am in the hard years or maybe they are the golden years. I am still not sure. 

My life, when I look at this past year, was very full of great times and memories. However, they are mostly memories that I made for other people. 

This year, my main goal is to make sure that I make some memories for myself. That might sound a tad bit selfish, but in doing things for other people, I want to make deliberate memories for me as well. 

Often I find myself doing something because I should, I was asked to or because it is the right thing to do. This year, I want to take things a little slower. 

This year has been a rapid whirlwind of one thing after another and I would love that to change, but I am not sure if it will!

I am going to go back to my list of things to do in the year. Life has been very busy, so instead of one thing every week to do, I am going to to two things a month. I am so boring right now, these things would be pretty exciting! They are not in any order, so I will cross them off as the time comes!

  1. Read a book from a genre I do not usually enjoy.
  2. Eat a food from an International Cuisine that is foreign to me.
  3. Write and mail off three letters
  4. Read to my children a book I enjoyed from childhood
  5. Have a tea party with my boys
  6. Have tea with a friend
  7. Invite someone over for dinner
  8. Go out to eat at a place I have never eaten before
  9. Invite a friend on the spur of the moment to go and do something with me. If they say now, keep asking others until you get someone to go with you. 
  10. Write a magazine article and mail it in
  11. Edit one of my stories
  12. Change batteries in the smoke alarms
  13. Clean out the dry vent hose
  14. Start seeds in the house, research how to heat the green house
  15. Go visit a friend that you have not seen in the last month
  16. Stay home for three days in a row
  17. Walk 100 miles in two months
  18. Do science experiments with the boys, instead of reading about them or making other people do them
  19. Teach H. how to bake bread
  20. Teach L. how to make cookies
  21. Teach T. how to tie his shoes better
  22. Teach P. how to study better
  23. Practice patience with F. 
  24. Take 15 minutes of silence as often as possible, for one week. 


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3 responses to “Goals for 2014

  1. Jen

    Those are really great goals! I, naturally, have solutions for you (haha)! One point: #12 & 13 need to be done at LEAST twice a year! #15 and 17 you can accomplish easily this March!


  2. simone

    I think too often we feel unnecessary guilt when taking care of ourselves. If we don’t do that, how will we be qualified to take care of others? Love your neighbor as yourself… Even Jesus took time to be alone and get refreshed. 🙂


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