Week #20

I left my camera somewhere, so this post is without pictures.

Back to school! It felt good to be back on a schedule, even though, I feel somewhat worn out!
I snuggled on the couch, reading with the boys. We started Mary Jones and her Bible. I remembered this book from my childhood and it was fun to share it with the boys. We have been enjoying singing different hymns throughout the weeks as well. This week was Jesus, Loveer of my soul, which I do not know as well.

I decided to skip out on the rest of George Washington’s world, and only read pieces of it. It is just not clicking with me!

After a hectic day of doula appts, basketball and the boys were working still doing wiring, we made it to a friends house for an evening of school history, by watching Ben Hur. That was a better movie that I remembered. I need to re-read the book!

P. had basketball, but was working on electrical today as well, it makes life a little busy. He was working to finish up some math and history assignments as well. It is a little hard to work on some of the Botany projects when the weather is so cold, but we are making due.
We are loving the time period we are studying now.

We read about some people this week that I was not familiar with! John Jay, John Muhlenburg and John Witherspoon….a(a lot of John’s)
Benedict Arnold was also on topic for this week!

Thursday and Friday:
We read about Butterflies, wind pollination, flower pollination, and some topics on more of the American Revolution. I think I understand it all better than I ever did before!

It was a good week!

We finished out the week with a basketball game. The team we were to play, canceled the last minute on us, but we had a great game to watch anyhow!


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