I realized that some people never change in the way they communicate. 

I have often heard people lament the fact that society has changed how we communicate, no one interacts anymore in person. Instead we text, Facebook, and email, then there are people that complain that people talk on cell phones in public….but in look back over my friends, I realized that the ones that used to never return my snail mail letters, are still the ones that unless you reach out and see them in person, they do not return phone calls, texts, emails, FB messages. The ones that knew how to be friendly, are still good communicators now. 

It is not that they mean to be unfriendly, it is that they never learned the social art of being a friend. 

I wonder sometimes if we like to lay it at the feet of technology, when really it comes back to the simple fact that people communicate in different ways. There are some people that will only be able to be friends if you are there in person, and even then, they will easily become only focused on their own lives surrounding them. They struggle seeing outside their own circle. 

If you are someone that struggles with seeing outside of your circle, I would challenge you. You can change!  

Mail a letter to someone! 

Return a phone call, even if it has been a month since they called you. 

Send an email to someone, just to check up on them. 

Invite someone over for dinner, tea, lunch, even if it is Pb and J sandwiches served on a sheet in the yard. 

Do something outside your social box, but work on keeping the connections with older friends. You never know if they will be the ones that are there for you, when you need them!


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