Week #22

This week has been different!!

Monday: we moved away from America and studied some of Captain Cook’s adventures. I was impressed at how much the boys are retaining and knowing this year!
We also read about how Australia was made into a convict colony. It brought up some good discussion as many of them were called convicts, when really they were just starving, desperate people.

We also started a new read aloud about William Carey.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
H. went to visit my mom, so it threw our school days off a bit.
I adjusted history and had L. read the science to himself and out loud. He found the portion on Leaves amusing and used different voices to read it aloud.
He is also reading A Week in the woods for reading practice and hopefully for a book club meeting.

Since we are studying the French revolution, I have some activities planned for Friday with movies to reinforce those ideas!

P. is working away on The Hiding place. I checked out the movie as well as the book, and audio book, so I think we are covered. He finished To Kill a Mocking Bird and has writing assignments based on that. He has a couple of basketball games this weekend out of town, which is hard on me!

George Washington coloring sheet for notebook

We read about William Carey, are working on sprouting carrots and potatoes, but low and behold, we have both already! =)
Math and Language Arts is next, but combined with a movie.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050287/”>Dangerous Exile

It was on Netflix , made in 1958 and a great one for this week!


The state Notebooking was pretty basic this week, but were fun!




Play practice starts today and heading to it in a bit! It will be about 4 to 5 hours  a week, I believe.

(Script printed out)


The boys enjoyed play practice….

P1070080Listening to the plans for the class. It was funny as the history we read about this morning, was what they were discussing for the play.

P1070081Playing a game to see how well you keep focus.

1551651_10201371793322781_52480138_n P. went to a basketball game far away and the family he was riding with sent me this picture!


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