Weeks #25 and #26 MFW Exploration to 1850’s

P1070155Helicopter he built with a landing pad from legos

P1070156Reading from the encyclopedia about the history of helicopters.

I got behind on blogging about our weeks! We have had some busy times! I also forgot to pick up the camera very much.

P1070157This was a picture worthy moment. He picked it up and was reading on his own!

P1070160We brought legos to keep them busy between practice waiting time.

P1070158They seemed to all enjoy it!



Math time

P1070167Working hard on his math

P1070166Reading a State timeline book

P1070165 P1070164I think I can figure this out!

Play practice. They were practicing a throw….

P1070174 P1070173 P1070172 P1070171 P1070170 P1070169

It was a little scary for the moms watching!

We learned a lot this week about states, French revolution and Napoleon.


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2 responses to “Weeks #25 and #26 MFW Exploration to 1850’s

  1. My son loves Legos, he’d love the helicopter! (I came over from the MFW facebook page)


  2. That sounds so fun. I just did a blog on history from different perspectives. I would love to know what you think. studentleadlearning.com


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