Menu for the week/School week

I will be away from home for dinner every night this week, so we are planning on eating a lot of sandwiches, fruit and vegetables while out. However, I am going to try to have something at home for the boys to eat when they get home as I know they will be hungry otherwise.


Monday– Leftover Sloppy Joes, carrots

Tuesday– Rice pilaf with steak chunks and vegetables (I am planning on browning some meat chunks and putting in the rice cooker with some vegetables and spices)

Wednesday– Pita bread pizzas

Thursday– Broccoli soup

Friday– Eating out

Saturday– Crock pot meal to bring with….


The school week is interesting and will look different. Last week, we did testing and school around it. This week is filled with music, drama and dancing practice. I am promoting lots of sleep, exercise and healthy food hopefully with history, science and other subjects mixed in!


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  1. Maureen

    sounds yummy!


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