Summer Days

I have not been as good about carrying my camera and keeping track of the memories of what we are doing. I think chronicling the school year got me tired of it!


We have had some great days though! The boys were excited that their cousin came back from his trip, and they had a nice day with him before the 4th of July.  I caught this picture through my window, while they were having fun imagining stories together on the porch.

P1070780 P1070779

We went over to my sister’s house and the children had a great time playing in the dirt at her house and eating snacks. She had it all color coordinated.

P1070782They had fun playing football and trying to avoid the neighbors cars as well.

P1070785 P1070784


P1070781 The children perched in the back of the van to see the show!

P1070786 It was beautiful!

P1070787 T. birthday is coming up and he got a new bike and a backpack that has a water bladder in it. We have been going to the park playing with family and friends. My niece just turned 16 as well.

I have been doing a little reading as you can see from the reviews and trying to relax a bit for the rest of the summer!



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