Menu Plan

I am planning out dinners for the next two weeks, to hopefully help me get on track, plus give me more free time to write. That is the plan, as of now.

Tuesday: Orange Chicken, rice, broccoli

Wednesday: Roast chicken, green beans, biscuits

Thursday: Chicken soup, bread

Friday: Tortilla soup, corn bread

Saturday: Pizza, salad

Sunday: Leftovers, popcorn, zucchini bread

Monday: Slow- Cooker Chicken chili, corn bread

Tuesday: Enchiladas,  salad

Wednesday: Tator-tot casserole, green beans

Thursday: Indian Curry, rice, pita breads

Friday:  Chicken greek wraps

Saturday: Spaghetti, salad

Sunday: Hummus, pita chips, leftovers, popcorn, quick breads, sandwiches

Monday: Slow- Cooked layered dinner

Tuesday: Beef (venison) Stroganoff, egg noodles, salad


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One response to “Menu Plan

  1. How do you make the Orange Chicken? It would be a lot of work to fry it, but that is the only way I know. Do you have a quicker method?


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