MFW 1850’s to Modern times- Week #14 &15

I have to say that my last two weeks have been a blur of activity.
We wake up, get our school done, work to get meals in there, and play basketball. It has almost been every day this past two weeks that we have been in the van more than we have been home.

My feet hurt, my wrists, and my shoulders and I am not even playing basketball! Of course, I am working on a writing project, so that contributes.

Meals have mostly been….whatever I threw in the crock pot and rice cooker and we make the best of it. It has not been too bad! Tonight we had some sort of BBQ meat over potatoes microwaved. Some of the boys had the meat on sandwiches instead. One of them grilled it with yellow peppers.

We finished the book “In God we Trust” this week! Yay! We also finished “Hudson Taylor”. I know that for me, I learned a lot about faith and trusting God through reading it. I needed that this week.

L. and H. both wrote 2 papers this past two weeks. They have been working hard, learning a few things.


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