A pile of book reviews…

And not much else. I know.

I am sorry.

I was able to go and visit my grandparents for over ten days the beginning of June. I came back and did a ton of things in a few days, including helping out with the annual book sale.

But then, my grandfather got very ill and passed away in a matter of days. I returned to CA for a week to help out and go to the memorial service.

He had an incredible life, which I loved hearing about.


All the siblings were together for the memorial service, which was memorable.


Many of the cousins were present as well.


It was a sad time for all of us, but it was nice to get some pictures.


My beautiful grandma


Having fun in the pool


My grandma and my sister


Several of the girls with grandma in the kitchen


My sister in front of the house in the courtyard

I was able to visit with a friend as well down there, but also spend quality time with my grandparents earlier in the month, which I was very grateful for. We really miss my grandfather, and it is an adjustment learning how to care for everything. We are thankful for every moment we have.

If you have someone in your life that you love, but have not told them lately, make sure to take the time to do that. Go visit your family. They may not always be there to give that hug to.

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