When Despair holds you for ransom…

I was listening to some of my favorite music and the line “When despair holds me for ransom..” stood out to me.


I am reminded that even when life is out of control, that I feel that I have Someone to turn to.


I have been through some hard times in my life. This last month started with a very peaceful time. Then it was as if all the chaos that could break loose did.

It does not mean that everything is easy. That nothing bad will happen or that I will be fine even. I have been having panic episodes. But while not everyone derives comfort from believing in God, I find my comfort in Him.


Life is not the easiest at the moment. I am grieving the loss of someone dear to me, the loss of other things I expected to have in my life and the fear of not knowing the future. The basic everyday life things are getting to me, and struggles that I have since overcome are trying to pop their little heads up into my heart.

However, I am doing okay. Despite all that, I am taking it one day at a time. I am rejoicing in many things. Life is busy. Life is hard. But God has been good to me in spite of the struggles.


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  1. Hugs, Martha. I’m so sorry about all you are facing right now. I understand the despair and struggle. God bless you right now.


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