I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but if in the year something really hard happens to me, it generally will be in June or July.

I brace myself for it now.


It is not the healthiest to prepare for the worst all the time. But then again, isn’t it?

My friend spent some time ribbing me a bit the other day after in discussing her new, beautiful deck, I just happened to name about five things that could go wrong with it or could happen if not prevented. For me, that is normal life.

I look to the future, not as something to be dreaded, but the danger to be prevented and watched for. It might be because I am the watchman of the house. I am the care taker and the main decision maker. That makes me two steps ahead on every decision, large or small.

One thing I really had made clear to me the last few days, people really can be mean online. They may not say something to my face, but they will say it online.

I am a straight forward person. Most of the time, if I would say it online, I would say it to your face. I work hard to do that.

On top of all the normal bad things that normally happen in June/July, I have been treated badly by others, mostly online. Some of it was because I chose to voice a different opinion than they had. Another was because I chose to look at a bad situation and see what I could learn from it in a positive way.

All that to say, you never know what someone has going on behind the scenes. When you want to vent, rant and rave or even disagree with someone online, stop for a moment. Think if you would say it to their face. If not, rephrase it.

See what else you can do to speak in a way that will bring life to others, not just display your anger, ignorance or just plain complaints for the world to see.

Try to be a peacemaker, not a warmonger.

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