Homeschooling- In The Grocery Store

When you are a homeschooler, you end up realizing pretty quickly that school ends up being a way of life.

One thing that I found was that you can find some great resources to help you teach practical skills, while getting your errands done with a little planning.

Grocery Cart Math is a great resource that can be good for 3rd-6th graders to not only keep the kids busy in the grocery store, but also fulfill an extra math assignment. You can write in the book, but also, I believe this one is reproducible in your own family. Make sure to check the copyrights in the front though.

This fun activity can be done at home. You can carry it as far as you want into the grocery store, or just work on it at home for awhile. It takes a little creativity and grocery store ads… It is cheap, and you will have more savvy shoppers in the future after this. Grocery Store Ads

There are many other links to ideas to help incorporate real life skills into our children. Math often sometimes seems hard to use for children in the classroom or at the kitchen table. For boys, especially, that love to eat, making it a practical application can really help excite them. They can see the reality of how it is useful!

Check out a few of these other links for ideas you can use. Some of them were made for classrooms, so change and make them work for you.

Money Math at the Grocery Store

Math At the Grocery Store  

Printable Grocery Store Math $5

The Math Chef 

All in all, keep it simple. If you don’t have time before the grocery store run, do something simple. Hand your child a calculator. Everything you put in the cart, have them keep track of it. As you shop, ask for the running total. If you have coupons, let them keep track of them and show them how to figure if it is really saving you money.

As they get older, involve them in meal planning, shopping, cooking and figuring out how to stick to a budget. Often we teach our high schoolers Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and Chemistry and they leave home and go into debt over groceries. Those subjects are important, but start with the small stuff when they are young too.

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  1. Trina

    My hubby and I were just discussing kids going in debt as soon as they leave home and how we had no training in that.
    I would add to the above: a mock checkbook, coordinating monthly budget, and bills for auto repair, etc.
    Excellent ideas! Thank you for sharing.


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