Flames by Ginny Yttrup


Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

About the book:

The fourth novel from acclaimed, award-winning author Ginny L. Yttrup. When betrayal’s flames explode, can Jessica Weaver preserve what matters most?

I preserve legacies…

So begins the story of Jessica Weaver—wife, mother, and fire archeologist. Preserving Yosemite National Park’s natural and cultural resources is Jessica’s job. Preserving her family’s legacy is her obsession. But when she discovers her husband’s infidelity, betrayal’s flames threaten her family and all she’s fought to protect.

Haley Weaver, a sophomore in high school, is a daddy’s girl. As she enters the throes of first love, timid yet intrigued, Haley also discovers her father’s affair. Stunned and broken, Haley flees into the wilds of Yosemite National Park. If she can’t trust her father, how can she trust her boyfriend—or even love itself?

When wildfire breaks out and Haley is missing, Jessica fears the worst. In a race against time, she searches for her daughter as she deals with the magnitude of what her husband’s affair may cost her family. How can she go on if she doesn’t find Haley in time?

My Review:

I always know when I pick up a book by Ginny Yttrup that I will be challenged. I will be challenged to think outside the box. This story followed three characters, and gives you the story from their individual points of view. While this can be a bit difficult to follow at times, Ms. Yttrup does a great job of keeping your attention.

I found myself copying quotes from the book and sending them to my friends and saying “You got to read this book!”

I have to say I have never seen a book that so clearly told the story of a wife that loves her husband, but has marriage problems like this one. Ms. Yttrup captures the agony of the process and how it effected all parties involved. However, if you are looking for Christianese wording, a slew of bible verses or the normal content of many books like this, you will not find that here. This book is one that you feel the story, the seeking and the message is painted for you without the words.

I highly recommend this story.

Available for preorder on Amazon

Flames by Ginny Yttrup 


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