Center of Gravity by Laura McNeil



Book Description

Ava’s life in the coastal South appears nearly perfect after her recent marriage to the powerful and handsome Mitchell Carson. She loves her husband and the family they have created. Even Mitchell’s young son from a previous marriage, Jack, with his superhero ambitions, can’t imagine life without Ava. Outwardly, Mitchell appears to be a caring husband and doting father, but as Ava soon discovers, there is a dark side to Mitchell Carson that she never imagined.

When Graham Thomas, a lawyer with a secret past, stumbles into Ava’s life, everything changes. Mitchell’s jealous streak emerges after an innocent encounter between Graham and Ava, and Mitchell soon convinces himself that Ava is unfaithful. When Mitchell starts divorce proceedings and a custody war, Jack is caught in the middle, which soon makes him question Ava’s pure intentions. As Ava searches for a way to save her family she begins to uncover her husband’s secret past and capacity for unhinged jealousy and rage.

My Review:

I have been a faithful wholesale customer of Thomas Nelson for many, many years. We are not a huge store, but enjoy purchasing christian books and bibles from a publisher we can trust. I recently was very dismayed to read Center of Gravity. It is printed and published as a Christian fiction novel. While it is very well written and the story is one that needs to be told, there was not even a hint of inspiring or Christian messages that the characters or readers could take away with them. There are multiple swear words, and not just mild ones throughout the novel.

I love to see novels addressing hard topics like spousal abuse. However, I want to see the hope that Christian fiction can give throughout, even if it is not in the form of bible verses and the like.

As I said, it is well written and for that, if this was a secular novel, I would give it above 4 stars. It addressed a needed topic in a very moving way. As a Christian novel, it would get two stars. It was not what it appeared to be, which was disappointing.


I received  this book for review from BookLook Bloggers. The opinions contained herein are my own.


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