My Father’s World ECC, AHL etc. Weeks 4-7

I have been very busy and not on the computer for any longer periods of time lately. For that reason, this post is delayed.

I had planned to take a week off, which happened, but the boys had writing and science classes that started that week.


Our days end up beginning with reading out assigned work from ECC, checking on the high school level students and making sure their assigned work is being done.


Generally we try to stay in the sunshine.

IMG_0353 IMG_0352IMG_0355

This afternoon, we went on a nature walk to collect leaves, chestnuts etc.

IMG_0349 We had more than 3200 pounds of potatoes deposited in our yard, so we did some practical math with sorting, boxing and selling them. We were able to find homes for all the potatoes. Each box weighed over 40 lbs. and we sold them for $5 a box. It was a great learning exercise in both patience and math.

IMG_0356One of our first “Mexican” meals while studying Mexico!

IMG_0358The leaf condensation project…

IMG_0359 Upside down silly boy while we were discussing the Theater club production for the year.

IMG_0347 IMG_0346 IMG_0345 My sister was being funny, but pictures of our Mexican Fiesta feast!

IMG_0348 Group games at the fiesta

We have some more pictures, but I didn’t have them all on the computer! We have been enjoying Canada and learning lots. The boys enjoyed Cameron Townsend and have kept up a commentary on the story. My 7th grader is doing The Golden Goblet for his Literature study with his language arts group at the co-op classes. Basketball practice also began this past week, so life never is dull.

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