The Value of a Tool

We use many different types of tools in this life. Wrenches, screwdrivers, drills, kitchen knives, sewing machines, cars, tractors, shovels, even books can be thought of as a tool.

I want to speak of a different tool.

Throughout history, each new invention was met with trepidation by the people of the earth. The car was not accepted, the telephone, or the internet. “New-fangled ideas” as they were referred to, were often shunned by some Christian groups and still are to this day.

The Amish ride in cars and use telephones, but have many rules about how and when. Some conservative Mennonites refuse to conduct business online as it violates their beliefs, yet will use the telephone and mail without any hinderances.

I would like to talk about a different tool. This tool can be used for good or evil. Just as the phone can be used for good or for evil or a hammer, this one is no different.

This tool is Facebook. It is a method of networking and communication. If you have friends that are not the best in real life, it is highly probable, your friends on Facebook will likely not all be the best as well.

It is supposed to be a glimpse of a picture inside a person’s life. It can show their likes, dislikes, what pages they enjoy and where they like to eat. While we grimace and talk about “Big Brother Watching”, we also have to admit that it often can make life easier.

The fact remains that Facebook can be a valuable tool.

It can be harmful in the wrong hands, but for the most part it is a valuable tool.

When someone is harmed by a hammer, we do not blame the hammer. We blame the person wielding the hammer. But when someone has an affair, we blame Facebook. Obviously, connecting with others in our past opens us up to temptation and sin. We should avoid communicating with those in our past or we may be tempted to have an affair, (said tongue in cheek).

The facts are simple. Facebook doesn’t cause anyone to have affairs anymore than the hammer caused the man to hit another man on the head with it. It is simply a tool in the hands of users.

I was witness to the overall amazing way Facebook can minister to others last week. I saw how through mutual acquaintances, people connected and bonded. Many people only saw inspiring posts my friend shared on her wall, funny things her sister did and interesting posts she shared. Her life was laid out on the table for all to see, but most had seen beyond what was on her Facebook wall. Her heart was one for all to see.

Facebook was simply the tool used to leave it as a display for others. Her life was one of ministry, worship and humor. Above all, she had a love for others and for God. She was not perfect, and had her quirks, but you knew that she was a light.

How does your life show through on your Facebook wall? Are you using the tool for showing a glimpse of your life to the world in the way you should? Are you rejecting communicating with others for fear of what is there?


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