“I’m Bored….” Boredom or laziness?

It is a common mantra that many mothers hear. My mother had eleven children and if they were ignorant enough to say it once to her, they generally never said it twice in her presence on purpose. This went for many of our friends as well.


However, I have seen a common theme in homeschool parents lately. It is not just the children claiming to be bored, but the parents as well. Material is “boring”, the children are “bored” with it and they just didn’t find it exciting enough.

I am all for enjoying our schoolwork.


But there comes a time when you just have to realize that we buckle down and do it. That next and newest curriculum? It won’t do a thing for you if you don’t do your work.


Life is full of many things that can set us back. History can be super exciting, but sometimes that “boring” book can be the one you most enjoy because you persevered past the first chapter that you thought was horrible. A parents attitude really rubs off on the children. Most of all, when we are setting an example to them that whenever something is “boring”, we drop it and move on.

Is this what we want to teach as a character quality? The book is too mundane, so we leave it behind. The read aloud chosen was not exciting enough about bible translation, so we switched it up to read aloud about swords and knights? Did we lose out an opportunity to teach about perseverance?

It is almost everyday I am seeing another post about a mother claiming either she or her children found a particular book or subject boring. I would love to say, as my friend Tiffany said once “My mom says only boring people are bored.”

Life is what you make of it. Sometimes that means you get something you don’t like so much, but what you make of that will make you either a better person or a lazy one sometimes.

Let’s not as homeschool parents promote laziness. I know, I am guilty of it too.  But this was a challenge for me. Don’t skip the “boring stuff”. Learn to rejoice in the mundane tasks as well as the exciting ones.


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