Thanksgiving was a challenge this year to get to.

I had decided that on top of our normal busy schedule with basketball, school and other baking, I would add extra baking to earn a little for some extra expenses.

It took some extra work, as on the day I decided to bake, we also got a small storm. That would have been fine, but everyone had been busy and we discovered too late, that the tires I had for winter, didn’t fit. All day Tuesday, besides baking, we went through all our tires. Then I found a pair that looked like they would work. The roads were ice covered and there was no way to drive to my mom’s without snow tires safely.

I juggled tires, and then bought a pair that looked great. The rims were universal and should have fit, but alas. They were not universal for my car. I had called tire places and everyone was booked up to put tires on, which is what I was trying to avoid. As I was about to give up hope, a friend with a tire shop called and said that he had an opening. I hurried over, tires and a pan of cinnamon rolls in hand. We were on the road soon after leaving the shop. I forgot a bunch of things on my list, but we were on our way.

On the way up, we passed my sister and her husband on the side of the road. Their tire on their travel trailer had shredded and the jack in their borrowed truck was no where to be found. Thankfully, my little Honda jack worked for them and we followed them into town where we helped my mom prepare and serve a meal to thirty youth and leaders, besides the twenty that were of our family. She made a delicious meal of Stuffed Shells, Baked Ziti, salad, garlic bread and pie. All the younger children helped serve it.

We were exhausted when we got to the house with aching feet, but I finished up my writing for the day anyway.

I was reminded of my friend, Tiffany, whose passing has left me somewhat stunted this month. She came for Thanksgiving quite a few years back now. We had an exciting trip to  my mom’s house that year too!

I mulled over my memories, cried a little and have been moving forward. It has not been easy though. The loss of my friend and my grandfather this year has left tears hovering just below the surface more times than ever in my life.

On Thanksgiving day, most of the work has been done previously. I work very hard on Tuesday to make sure of that. I put together my breakfast casserole the night before with shredded potatoes, eggs, cheese, sausage and vegetables and put it in the oven in the morning to feed the horde. I served it with cinnamon rolls and salsa this year.

The stuffed turkeys were placed in bags and roasting while everyone ate breakfast. The peeled potatoes were waiting to be cut and mashed, and sweet potatoes roasted along side the turkey.

Everything was done and ready to eat at the right time and tasted wonderful. We were trying to be better about how many pies we made this year, and ended up with about 21 or 22. There was also a crisp and a cheesecake as well. It was a good amount. There was plenty for pie for breakfast the next morning for the children, lots of sugar free desserts for those on that plan and everyone was happy.

We were missing a few people, which was hard, but over all, it was a very nice Thanksgiving!



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