MFW ECC- Weeks 16&17

We did a lot of reading on Germany… Europe and did some Youtube videos as well.

As you can see, our week was full of a lot of basketball.

Our 7th/8th team won the Championship, which was exciting for them!


We have been working through this busy season, pushing along with school. We had finished George Mueller early, so this week, I found a great documentary on him.

The subtitles are in Spanish, but it was really good.

This was another one on Germany that was good.

For science, I found this on Rivers and Lakes.


This was the whole movie of “God’s Outlaw” about William Tyndale.

I also found for older children, this history of the Inquisition, which with studying Germany was important.

There was also this one on Martin Luther…

So, learning looked a little different this week, but we got a lot done. I hope these links helped you a bit.

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