2015 In Review

There are so many of these posts, and as I paused to think over 2015, I sort of wanted to just skip the year.

I was asked to describe 2015 in one word and for me, the word was sorrowful. There is always joy in sorrow, but the sorrow runs deep for me this year.

I got a new nephew this year, whom is adorable! I was privileged to help work with the local homeschool theater club on their play production.

One of my best friends came to see me on the train and spent the week with me. We hardly slept the whole week!

I was able to spend ten days with my grandparents, a week in Glacier volunteering at a camp, as well as at a writing conference.

The sorrows were when I lost my dear grandfather and one of my best friends suddenly this year. Death touched me deeper in seeing loss in others lives as well. Hardships throughout the year tested my strength and faith making push through it all. Health issues in the family and perseverance in school and life has been a constant struggle.


Basketball, school, friends and family have kept me busy. I am working hard on writing and staying focused on the goals set before me.

2016. I don’t want to expect much, but I just really am praying that I don’t lose anyone I love this year. I am not sure my heart can take it.



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