2016 Reading Challenge

I have seen some great reading challenges on Facebook, GoodReads, and on blogs here and there. However, I thought I would try my own.

January :

Read one Series that was a Favorite in the past.

(For myself, I am thinking one of these)

The Daughter’s of Boston Series by Julie Lessman

Wings of Glory Series by Sarah Sundin


Read a book by an author that I have never read before. This one is going to be a bit hard on me.

I am thinking about this one.

The Sound of Diamonds Series by Rachelle Rea

or This one.. From Dishes to Snow by Kathy Howard 


Read a Book that is only available on an eBook.

I was looking for one that fit this on my wish list.

A Month in Cologne by Felicia Rogers

Match Made by Erynn Magnum 



Read a non-fiction book that is on my Amazon wish-list

I was looking at these ones.

In My Defense by Leigh Ann Bryant 

The Blue Cotton Gown: A midwife’s Memoir- Patricia Harman


A Fiction novel with travel in it. They can travel in the USA, but they have to travel.

Any suggestions?


Read a book that is spring colors- pink, green, yellow, or the like…

Love Finds you in Mackinac Island, Michigan by Melanie Dobson 



We always end up doing church camps or camping in July. For this month, I am challenging myself to find a book that has camping in it.


Read a book about couples that are already married….


Read a book with childbirth in it: either fiction or non-fiction


Read a book about gardening- Fiction or non-fiction


Read a non-fiction book that is self improvement

I am thinking about a writing book!


It would seem normal to read a Christmas book, but I was thinking of a cookbook. =)




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2 responses to “2016 Reading Challenge

  1. I really want to read The Sound of Diamonds! I loved the sample I read and I’m looking forward to reading the whole book. 🙂 I’m participating in this challenge: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/178660-k-m-weiland-s-read-100-books-in-2016-challenge


  2. loriparrish782

    Looks great! I’ve already managed two of these


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