The Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love



Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

About the Book:

When the illustrious India Hartley is accused of murder, she has to uncover the deceptions of others to save herself.

India Hartley, the famous and beautiful actress, is now alone in the world after her father’s death and embarks upon a tour of theaters across the South. Her first stop is Savannah’s Southern Palace. On the eve of the second night’s performance, something goes horribly wrong. Her co-star, Arthur Sterling, is shot dead on stage in front of a packed house, and India is arrested and accused of the crime.



My Review:

It took me a bit to get into this story, similar to the Bracelet, which I also felt similar about. The storyline was fascinating, the theater experience, details of the history in the area. But, I struggled to figure out where the story was going at times. It seemed to drag or lag at times. I did like that the romantic story took awhile to develop and was more realistic in that way. I wondered about the court systems in the time period that it was set, so that was interesting to see how it worked. I will be looking up to see what was truthful in history!



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