To The Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko



My Review:
When I picked up this book by one of my favorite authors, I found myself checking to see that it was by her. The style seemed different. It was not in a bad way at all, but you know how you start to feel like all the characters are similar?  I did not feel that way about this one. Ryan seemed so different than my other favorites by her, and I was intrigued by Jenny as well.
The time period and history, which Ms. Camden is always a gifted story teller with, seemed to find those twists and turns that I have come to expect and enjoy. This is not one you will want to miss if you enjoy historical fiction. It is one that I will want to re-read again or suggest for  a book club. I throughly savored this one.
It is available to purchase wherever books are sold.
“To the Farthest Shores” on Amazon. It is also available on audio.



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