Judah’s Wife by Angela Hunt



My Review:
This series on the Silent years is quite unique. This one in particular, I would say, is about a time period you rarely read of. It referred several times to the Maccabees, and quoted from it. While I loved many things about this book, I found it heart-wrenching as well. This is not really a book with romance in it, but more a book of the life of the wife of a warrior that loved his wife, but rarely saw her. It may have been my mood, but it was really hard to read about death after death.
However, the author really weaves a tale where you picture yourself there. I felt as though I was experiencing the battles, the pain the wife felt in seeing her husband leave and with every chapter, I learned something. If you love history of that time period, pick this one up. It will fascinate you.
This book was obtained through the publisher and NetGalley. The opinions contained herein are my own.

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