As the Light Fades by Catherine West



When I read, “The Things we knew”, I hoped for a sequel, which this is not a sequel, but a stand alone. I wanted to read more about the siblings.
There are a lot of family dynamics without even extra things added in because you have a lot more people making different choices. This story follows another sibling, but you can read it as a stand-alone. I think you would gain more from reading “The Things We Knew” beforehand, but you will totally enjoy it on its own.

I loved the art threads throughout, the therapy done with elderly people, as well as how there were the stories of the secondary characters woven all throughout. I don’t know that there is another author that can have the story encompass more than one point of view, but still not make you feel dragged all over the place with such talent.

This story was so meaningful to me. She shows how a realistic women’s fiction story can be inspiring and not depressing in the least bit. I loved every second of reading it and highly recommend it.

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