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MFW Week 26- ECC

My posts about school sort of have gotten lost is the book review posts and basketball. Blogging about anything other than what had to be done is really not been the priority.

You know, just a few games were played here and there. It has been a blur of action between school mornings, basketball, basketball practice, our homeschool theater club starting practice, which is 7 hours weekly or more, there is not much time for anything


else.  Well, other than a little baby cuddling, reading in the sunshine and the sort.


We have been enjoying China and Japan this last while. Gladys Alyward has been a huge success, and we are pushing through “I dared to call Him Father” as well.

We bought a bunch of snacks from the grocery store that were Japanese or Chinese and had fun with that. We didn’t get our Chinese feast, but that is coming!

Life has not been without stress lately. I am learning more and more about property management. My oldest son got his permit and is learning to drive. We are working to catch up on all the work he is behind on from a busy month of basketball in January. We also battled Influenza A, and thankfully my youngest son and I were protected so far despite nursing the older three that were very sick.

This week while reading about Oceans in ECC, we pulled out a book about the Titanic. We read that as a book basket book and then discussed the replica that was recently built and if anyone will want to sail on it.

It has been a week for wins in school. Life may be hard elsewhere, but we persevere. We had an opportunity to have some discussions this week on topics such as politics, domestic violence, and safety in other areas. It seems it never is boring discussion here.

I am so thankful for MFW bringing up hard topics to discuss with many view points presented.

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Last several weeks of school…..15, 16, 17 and 18

My camera has been down, so I have not been posting lately..It is working, but full of all sorts of pictures that I want to print. I have been busy and therefore not  been up on writing on here. I am sorry!

Here are a few that I had not posted though!

Yes, that is right. My life has been filled to the brim with basketball! I could tell you all sorts of things I have learned this year about basketball that I did not know before. I can even watch college ball and follow the game.

P1060920 P1060924 P1060925

5th/6th ball is over now.

We played in a tournament and won first place trophy and came close to getting second place as well with our other team.

P1060934The boys did a great job!


7th/8th graders played in a tournament and did really well. They were a little discouraged as there were some changes to the team, and some players did not show up to play, but the ones that did just really went out there and did their best. They had so much fun! I was impressed to see them laughing on the court, talking with the players from the other team and the kindness among the boys. They came close, and were about 4 points from moving on to play for a trophy, but were happy to go home too. They played well! H. really had fun playing and the joy on his face when the coach told everyone !I want to see you all catching rebounds like H.~ was very sweet to see.


He has had to work so hard at school this year, but there have been big improvements. We are making strides in all areas!

P1060932 One of our many little visitors we have had over the last few weeks. We have done several babysitting times…

P1060926I took L. on a date out to dinner….just him and I.

P1060930 He really enjoyed his meal to the fullest, Hot roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and cheesecake for dessert. P1060927He also loved reading the jokes and playing tic tac toe on the tables there. What a neat idea to do at a place to eat!

P1060931There was a lot of this kind of school going on as well, every morning! We have been reading along with MFW. P. has been working hard on algebra, history, humanities, writing, music and other subjects.

There had not been a read aloud scheduled for MFW in these last weeks, so we added one that has gone with the course so beautifully! We are reading Distant Thunder by Ruth Nulton Moore. They are loving it and it is sticking with them. You can read in a history book that the Hessians were forced to fight for the British, but when you make that person come alive, they really remember it. I highly recommend it. It really gives you a different view of from another angle of some of the heroes of the Revolutionary war.

We will be planning on doing some baking, shopping, lots of cleaning and catching up on household duties in the next couple of weeks. We will likely take some days off of school as well, but I do not like to get out of a routine.

Next post….there will be more pictures! Sometimes you get too busy with schoolwork and you forget to take pictures!

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