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Bride of Ivy Green by Julie Klassen

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko



Much has happened in idyllic Ivy Hill in recent months, and while several villagers have found new love and purpose, questions remain–and a few dearly held dreams have yet to be fulfilled.

Jane Bell is torn. Gabriel Locke is back and has made his intentions clear. But Jane is reluctant to give up her inn and destine another man to a childless marriage. Then someone she never expected to see again returns to Ivy Hill. . . .

Mercy Grove has lost her school and is resigned to life as a spinster, especially as the man she admires seems out of reach. Should she uproot herself from Ivy Cottage to become a governess for a former pupil? Her decision will change more lives than her own.

A secretive new dressmaker arrives in the village, but the ladies soon suspect she isn’t who she claims to be. Will they oust the imposter, or help rescue her from a dangerous predicament?

In the meantime, everyone expects Miss Brockwell to marry a titled gentleman, even though her heart is drawn to another. While the people of Ivy Hill anticipate one wedding, an unexpected bride may surprise them all.

Don’t miss this romantic, stirring conclusion to Tales from Ivy Hill.

My Review:

I totally enjoyed this final conclusion to the series by Ms. Klassen. It had, as the others, a feel of the Austen type era. The story had several characters, and if you were not careful, you were lost for a second and had to refresh where you were.
I found myself rooting for one family, and then another when a new character was introduced. It was one of those winter evening type books that you just want to savor.
If you enjoy a good story, fairly accurate seeming to the time period, you should pick up this whole series. It is quite enjoyable!

This book was recently released. I totally enjoyed it.


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The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen


Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


My Review:
I am sadly derelict in my reviewing this book. I will say that if you loved Cranford, Downton Abbey, or Wives and Daughters, this is a book you will enjoy. Don’t pick it up looking for a lively romance. There are hints of romance, there throughout, but the the  main characters are widows that were not considered young, marrying age anymore. I loved the history of Inns.
If you are looking for a book that you could read with your younger teenage daughter and both throughly enjoy it as fans of the regency era, this is the book. The sequel is coming out later this month, so it is a good time to pick up both for gifts. I can’t wait for the sequel!
This book was given to me for review. The opinions contained herein are my own. I also purchased my own copy since I know I love her books and wanted it in print. I encourage you to do the same.

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The Secret from Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko


About the Book:

As secrets come to light at the abandoned manor house Pembrooke Park, will Abigail find the hidden treasure and love she seeks…or very real danger?

My Review:

This book was one that I looked forward to reading most of the year. Yet, when the book came for me after I ordered it, I lacked the time to spend in really reading it. I put it off until I could savor it. It was worth it. Every page. This book is a thick read and meant to be savored. I stopped part way through to think and mull on the words.

I loved Lady of Milkweed Manor. I throughly enjoyed The Maid of Fairborne Hall. I relished reading The Secret of Pembrooke Park. Ms. Klassen wove spiritual truths into her book, with ever sermon preached in the book. The story of an abusive father touches on deeper issues that the reader may notice. The “Austen” like style is throughout, without being at all a copy cat of any other books. This book has it own unique mysteries. The romance is similar to an Austen novel. The wording of the time period held intact, while shocking almost if we take it in our modern ways.

The beauty of the homes were described, but  I found that I could see them without getting bogged down in the words. I loved traveling through the time period with this book and didn’t want it to end. I savored the words, as I wanted the story to continue, but not end for me! Great job, Ms. Klassen. Five stars! This is a book you will want to take time to read.

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The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen


The Dancing Master
By Julie Klassen

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Book Description:
Finding himself the man of the family, London dancing master Alec Valcourt moves his mother and sister to remote Devonshire, hoping to start over. But he is stunned to learn the village matriarch has prohibited all dancing, for reasons buried deep in her past.

Alec finds an unlikely ally in the matriarch’s daughter. Though he’s initially wary of Julia Midwinter’s reckless flirtation, he comes to realize her bold exterior disguises a vulnerable soul–and hidden sorrows of her own.

Julia is quickly attracted to the handsome dancing master–a man her mother would never approve of–but she cannot imagine why Mr. Valcourt would leave London, or why he evades questions about his past. With Alec’s help, can Julia uncover old secrets and restore life to her somber village…and to her mother’s tattered heart?

Filled with mystery and romance, The Dancing Master brings to life the intriguing profession of those who taught essential social graces for ladies and gentlemen hoping to make a “good match” in Regency England.

My Review:

In the mood for a Regency read? Pick up this book! This book, like many of Julie’s other books, talks about little known facts of the time period. The Dancing Master addresses how they dealt with scandals and often, people paid for it with their lives, or livelihood.
I had a hard time warming up to Julia at first, but about part way through the book, I felt bad for her. She was someone that did not fit in the box that her mother tried to put her in. She wondered why her father never seemed to love her, and in the end, the secrets surrounding her life, seemed to hold all the answers, especially the fact that her mother forbade the whole town from dancing.

I found that a little incredible. Could a whole town be so devoted to someone that they would not dance? I struggled to find that real, but I am looking into it as I have found Ms. Klassen likes to stick to history!

This book told me again, how foolish the habit of fighting duels were as well! What a horrible tradition!

If you would like to read another great regency read, pick this one up.

This book was provided me for review from Bethany House Publishers and the opinions contained therein are my own.

A link to buy it!!
The Dancing Master

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