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My Father’s World 1850’s- Modern Week 12 and 13

These were a couple of very good weeks of school! In fact, we had such a busy, focused couple of weeks on school, we lack pictures this week!

We always vary a couple of things to meet our personal needs, which is something that I love about MFW as it is so easily adaptable! This week, since we all know the story about “It is well with my soul” so well and it always makes me cry, we discussed and moved forward without reading it over again. The Adventures in Odyssey on the story is excellent by the way. “It Is Well”

We have been reading through the Story of the World, but since the very stressful basketball schedule at the moment, we are not doing all the activities in the activity book. Plus, we are just not a very crafty family. They make a lot of messes!

For movies and book basket books, we were listening to Little Women (the CD’s were scratched though), Red Badge of Courage and the boys watched Gods and Generals, Gettysburg and some documentaries.

As we began reading about Hudson Taylor, my sons started to tell me all the rest of the story! One thing I love about the church they go to, they often do wonderful things, like reading stories similar to what we read in school, and this past week, they made volcanoes as well.

We used the chance of it being 100 years since women could vote in our state on election day, to use the chance to learn about how minorities used to be treated, and why women had to fight to vote. I know this hotly debated in conservative circles, but it was something to celebrate here, and I celebrated by voting.
It was also interesting since Montana became a state 125 years ago too, this year, so studying that was right on as well.

While doing our fast fact charts, I have been trying to get them to be faster, but discovered it was not getting faster. So, I upped the ante. I offered a treat for every row of correct answers they got in the timed period. I believe this is going to speed it up!

On Thursday, we got the chance to see how it would be to homeschool with extra children as we had 3 extra children here for the morning. We handled it quite well!

The boys worked hard so that they could go roller skating this Friday before their game.

We managed to finish week 13, and do day one Week 14…which will be nice.
We are loving learning about the states, presidents and all that.

My high school student is finally getting on top of his work, I think, and we are learning a lot. Russian and Geometry likely being the top scorers, and struggles!

This week, there were three basketball games! The first one of the week, was a loss for the 5th/6th, but they played well. The 7th/8th have been undefeated so far, finishing that off with their game against Kila last night. The boys had an experience with some bullying or maybe just name calling yesterday, which they handled very well, maybe showing that they were unmoved by their worst insults. I had to admonish them not to stoop to their level, even if they were wrong, but basically do what they did, without throwing the insults back. =\ However, there was a small amount of thrill, knowing they can hold their own.

So, on to the rest of the month! Expect more basketball pictures…..

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MFW Weeks #9 and #10

We are homeschoolers when it comes to our education choice. That means a lot of different things for different people. Some people think that means we get to be lazy, for us it is quite the opposite. For me, it means that from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep, I am thinking on how I can cram one small amount of knowledge into my children’s heads in a new way. I usually attempt to find ways that they don’t realize they are learning. It doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. P1080160 It can  often mean I get to hear our history sung in falsetto… P1080161 Or we may strike dramatic poses while listening to our brothers read dramatically. P1080166 We take some pauses to observe nature around us and the bug outside let us get close to it. P1080171 Sometimes it means we have moments of collapse. It is not limited to only the children. P1080158 Sometimes we all want to just lay down on the job. It is not recommended though. =) P1080169 P1080168 We had a free moment to use a coupon at a local cafe with my husband and son.  Don’t take health lessons from my husband, he thought the shake was not sweet enough and stirred jam into it. P1080182 We were late on your science project with cleaning pennies in coke, and here is a picture of them soaking. It was really hard to buy that! 1795168_10203075571790014_7998481270109954750_o 10629337_10203075572830040_236724460891775420_o We also sometimes have little guests that decide to help us with our school days. P1080159 We do a lot of reading time. We try to at least require 30 minutes of non-school reading every day. For my anti-readers, it can be a challenge, but they are learning and starting to enjoy it, despite themselves. P1080163 Notice the large boxes in the background? Yes, the homeschooler still has to fundraise, and we are selling popcorn for our homeschool theater club. P1080181 This was an audio book we were listening to, as well as finishing Across Five Aprils. We really enjoyed Across Five Aprils. I found a book with some questions about the book and activities to do, which we did a couple of. P1080179 P1080176 Math? No, I think I will learn about the Explorers, in this sticker book from Usborne. P1080174 Watching a documentary on Netflix about the Civil War during breakfast is always a learning experience. P1080175 H. having reading practice with his fun tutor that comes to visit every other week. 1011753_10203120693604195_3604858327931201354_n Nature walks for exercise are a must to keep energy levels so they can focus. Plus, basketball practice and games always help too! We won our second game we played of the year this week too. P1080183Math Drills? We got them!!! P1080185 History? We read it aloud, and sometimes leave the crafts to just read about. This week, instead we looked up about the Railroad spike monuments. P1080184 Grammar? We attempt to learn that as well! We will conquer the mountains that face us! P1080173 All that makes a mom tired. I think I will pause with a cup of tea and a salad. Next week is another week. Right now, I am thankful for the weekend!  I may still be thinking about lesson plans, my oldest’s sons assignments he has due and all the other things we have on our plate, but for now, I am happy to have completed another couple of weeks! Moms…homeschool or not, no matter the educational choice you have chosen for your children, remind yourself that this is a tough gig. It is okay to feel worn out sometimes, but make sure to admit that you can’t do everything sometimes. Try to keep a sense of humor through all the ups and downs! Parenting is tough, but it sure can have it’s rewards! Keep going!!!

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MFW 1850’s-Modern- Weeks #7&8

These past two weeks have not been very exciting. In fact, they seemed like they slogged by, like dragging wheels through molasses.

My camera cord somehow decided to vanish while either I was gone on my trip, or I dropped it somewhere on the trip. Anyhow, that means this post will have pictures added after the fact and I need to work on creating more word pictures.

I left town for almost an entire week, and so we had doubled up on school the week prior, but when I got back, my household was in an uproar. Several things had gotten behind and the minor schoolwork I had left to get done, especially with my high school student, was not done.

P1080130 Our view for the morning

The youngest member of the clan chose those weeks to exert a case of extreme stubbornness and pure bullheaded mischief, which has caused no end of trouble. However, I am rejoicing in the little things, as here we are…week #9 and making some headway.

This week we were focusing on the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, read the story of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, read about General Lee, General Grant, and discussed many sides and topics of the “War Between the States” or our Civil War.


I have learned that many people wish to revise history, and maybe not in the way you are thinking, but they seem to either believe that men and women in history are good or evil and no in-between. I think often, they forget that they were human.


That is one thing we concentrated on this week, we were learning about our own obedience and diligence in schoolwork, achieving goals, and facing hard tasks, but also about how people in history were people just like you and me.


We are working on writing, coloring and learning from nature as well. This past week, we learned about Horse Chestnuts as we observed and collected several on a walk. We found this coloring page to use and identified leaves of several other trees with the younger two, as well as a visiting nephew who is in kindergarten.

I have been reading several books on learning styles, and working with them to encourage learning. I believe it is helping!

P1080139 (My outfit for the day)

We are working on our science modules as well as math, which often needs to be done, re-done and then see if it can be taught a different way so that they can understand. It is always a challenge to see what the day brings.


Alexander Graham Bell, Across Five Aprils, and On the Banks of Plum Creek were some of of our read alouds for this time period.


We created a breakfast area with stuff set up for easy access to breakfast, which seems to be helping with some concentration.

P1080141 We have cereal, oatmeal packets, and oatmeal, brown sugar in containers. The bottom tub is snacks for after school subjects are completed.

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Homeschooling Week #3 and #4

We are in the full swing of the school year, and things are going smoothly in many regards.

We added in a couple of co-op classes this past week, which is always nice, but also gives me a little more scheduling crunch time.

P. is taking a finance class, writing/American history and Lit, Chemistry labs and Geometry class at the co-op. He is also taking Russian Language and Culture along with Engineering Basics online. He is going to be tight pressed to get the homework all done.

10633371_10202839287809226_4772667782401848228_o 10688411_10202839281089058_5111988979329154176_o 10626444_10202839270128784_8488519124446339207_o

The boys and my husband spent the weekend in the middle of the two weeks, out on the lake camping. They were with my fellow homeschool mom’s and one of them is very good at teaching, incorporating learning into everything. It made it nice, knowing they were learning out of doors.

We had a lot of car trouble, so I was unable to go with them, but ended up getting some work done on my writing.


We learned that God had preserved us and didn’t allow the brake line to shred when driving on unsafe roads or the fuel to cause the car to explode, but we also learned both lines were completely falling apart.

It has been a hard lesson, but one wrought with many good things as well.

P1080039 P1080038

I was planning on some furniture rearranging, but instead the desk got stuck in the living room, and T. has been happily using it for his math.


We had fun studying molecules among other things, this past couple of weeks, but we did a small experiment with ice this week.


It measured how fast the ice melted from the heat of your finger, vs. with salt on it.

The boys enjoyed it!


So, there are not too many pictures, but it was a full, busy couple of weeks! We are reading Courage to Run, about Harriet Tubman. We used this chance to talk about Modern Day slavery as well, which this post caught my eye this week on the topic.  How to Talk to your kids about Modern Day Slavery

We finished Farmer Boy early, as far as our read aloud, and the boys throughly enjoyed it.

We watched Little Princess and found various variations and books on the Secret Garden as well.

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Week #2 and #3

Weeks #2 and #3  of MFW are done! It doesn’t even seem quite possible, but things are rolling along. We had some setbacks with the lack of a computer for the boys math, but it has given us the chance to do a lot of math drilling, and easier review. It has been good for them! 

P. started a little later than the younger boys and this past week was his first week of bookwork school. He has been working hard participating in a building trades job, in building a pole barn. He is taking a full load this year, including two online digital learning classes. We are just praying we all keep up! 

We got ahead of ourselves and ended up listening to all of Farmer Boy this week, and started Courage to Run already. The book basket books are going well too, this year, and L. is getting more into some historical books. 

The Little Princess and a movie on Florence Nightengale are also part of our book basket this week. We got another book that was recommended on Inside The Secret Garden. That was a fun read! 

We celebrated the beginning of school by going with friends up to Glacier Park and playing for the rest of the day after school. It is so beautiful up there! 

P1080023 P1080014 P1080015 P1080016 P1080017 P1080018

It was hard to gather them up, but this was part of the group of children there. P1080019 P1080020

The boys made a “habitat” for a frog with rocks, worked on identifying bugs and fishing.  P1080021

P1080022 P1080012 P1080013


It was very relaxing. 

On the weekend between, we spent time 100 miles away, visiting my mom and playing, exploring etc. We visited an old homestead and apple orchard, that is an animal reserve now. It held a lot of memories of me spending time with a favorite book down there. 

10603784_10204841761710784_224450093468083260_n 1521450_10204841761190771_6319455259886911041_n

The old homestead brought up a lot of discussion that went along when our early American history as the house was so small compared to what we think we need now. It has fallen down and burned during one of the fires, but we could see the cutouts of windows and doors. It made us think of how many blessings we have, with even just extra windows. 

We had a lively discussion on the topic of slavery this morning, and Farmer Boy sparked a lot of different conversations as well. 

I didn’t take any pictures of note booking, but we did a lot of narration as well this week, relaying the info back to me, which went really well. 

I am tired and ready to rest for the weekend, but it was a good beginning. 

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