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Week #28

I cannot believe it is Friday already! It seemed this week flew by!

P1070220I found these parts of speech games online that we tried out this week.

P1070221Breakfast and a book? Sounds good to me!

P1070222We read a lot from The Story of the world this week. I didn’t take pictures, but H. went out and did crayon tracing to identify the different tree bark in the yard. It was pretty easy since we already know what kinds we have.

P1070223These were a couple of our book basket books we read as well this week.

P1070224 P1070225 P1070226

They were laughing by the end of me taking these pictures as I was snapping them while giving my best teacher lecture of getting to work now!!!

I had a birth in the middle of the week, which meant not only did they get a day off, I also was easier on them while catching up on sleep! One more birth coming up too! They have been doing a ton of reading, well, L. especially! He is begging to read instead of doing school!

We had two birthdays this week….and had hamburgers for one special dinner and Lasagna for the other.

P1070228 P1070229 P1070230 P1070231 P1070232



Earlier this week, we watched A Tale of Two Cities as part of the high school curriculum. It was such a sobering movie and taught some deep lessons. I am surprised though how it is hard to follow if people don’t know the story in those kind of movies.


We had play practice for 4 hours as well today, so I made the lasagna this morning and put it in the oven when we got home. I made the sauce last night, with the help of my son. This morning, my second son made a yummy peach coffee cake as well. I made the bread when I came home!

It was a great meal and a lovely week. With the birthdays and the birth, we did not get to try the African dishes suggested this week. However, they did not sound like something the children wanted to waste their peanut butter on. So we had peanut butter sandwiches instead….



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Week #27

P1070181 P. trying on his suit for the upcoming high school banquet.

This has been a hard week as I have been struggling with energy levels and feeling well, but we are pushing through. We also had the charger on the laptop get cut, so $80, we are waiting for a new one and figuring out math practice in the meantime.

We started our new read aloud of Bound For Oregon. It is a fun read! The boys have been laying on the rug around me while I read, usually H. in the chair, listening. P1070209

We also really loved reading So, You want to be president? They boys found the bathtub crane really funny!

H. listened to an entire audio book one day. It was from another week, but sort of tied a few things together. The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism and Treachery

He sat and did notebooking pages while listening! P1070212 P1070213

P1070211 The boys made these cut out paper crafts for me to hang up in my window on Wednesday. They are hard to see in the picture, but they are ballerinas.

This week was another great week of watching the Olympics, finding the other countries that were competing and cheering for them!

We are working on memorizing the United States, and using Geography songs to do so. Every morning we get out the map and sing, pointing to the states.

We have play practice twice a week right now, about 7 hours, as well as basketball. It is quite a time commitment, but we are enjoying it!

We are planning to watch A Tale of Two Cities, the long version, on Sunday to finish off our week and we also have Seven Alone to watch as well, which goes along with our Oregon Trail studies.

It was quite snowy this week, so Botany is always interesting. We are looking forward to finishing some of the experiments when it is warmer. However, this week, they asked us to sketch a branch!! Yay! Something we can do!

Math has still been a challenge, because of the computer issue, but we have pulled out several books and done some interesting math drills!  T. is speeding away through his math book  as well and I am thinking about continuing on with BJU for him next year.

We have been working on more independent reading this week as well. Here are two that the boys picked for fun reading time.


H. found a book that he is reading with his reading tutor. It is the first time, I saw him bring a book with him somewhere and exclaim to someone, “This is the best book!” It was an old Moody mystery book series, which I have been collecting for years. I am so excited to see them reading more.

This evening, the two little boys enjoyed looking through past photo albums amid much squeals of delight at seeing themselves as babies, their aunts looking different, their uncles when they are younger than themselves. It kept them up late though!


It has been a hard week, but we learned a lot throughout!

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Weeks #25 and #26 MFW Exploration to 1850’s

P1070155Helicopter he built with a landing pad from legos

P1070156Reading from the encyclopedia about the history of helicopters.

I got behind on blogging about our weeks! We have had some busy times! I also forgot to pick up the camera very much.

P1070157This was a picture worthy moment. He picked it up and was reading on his own!

P1070160We brought legos to keep them busy between practice waiting time.

P1070158They seemed to all enjoy it!



Math time

P1070167Working hard on his math

P1070166Reading a State timeline book

P1070165 P1070164I think I can figure this out!

Play practice. They were practicing a throw….

P1070174 P1070173 P1070172 P1070171 P1070170 P1070169

It was a little scary for the moms watching!

We learned a lot this week about states, French revolution and Napoleon.


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Week #24

It seems like as winter goes on there are more and more days of school left ahead of us!


These smiling faces are the reason I go on though!

This was sort of a hard week for us, not really because of the school content, but for some reason, everyone was a little whiney, and mom was more tearful than she ever has been before as well!

P1070122“Mom, you are not taking a picture, are you?”

P1070121Language arts in the sun and without a shirt is always better, right?

P1070120Math time!


P1070124Tuesday we had a basketball game after school, so spent from 3 to 9 at the games!


P1070128 P1070127 P1070126

P. shooting free throws!


T. is under those coats. He thought if he pretended to be asleep, maybe the game would be over when he woke up.

P1070133The team honoring the Seniors.

P1070131All the high school teams

P1070130You couldn’t get much closer without cutting someone off.

P1070140Wednesday we decided for history we would take a break from our regular history and learn some local history at the local museum. It was very informative, but I think the tour guide was not the most comfortable with kids.

P1070137This large family with 11 children I believe, was one of the first to settle up here.

P1070136Looking at some of the photos and news clippings on the walls.


P1070141We all got to climb into this Teepee to see what it would be like to live in one.

P1070143 He was having trouble staying still. We all got covered in hair from the animal furs. I did not take many photos as they asked to try not to take photos.

Afterwards, we went to use one of the book coupons they earned by reading this year.

P1070147 P1070146 P1070145 P1070144They love it, but do not stay full long enough!

Thursday- we had worked  on LA and Math again and did not do much science and history, but will resume tomorrow. Mom needed a small break!

L. made banana bread as well!

Friday– we got through Language arts and then did 4 hours of drama and music at play practice. We are doing math this evening after dinner.

P1070151I set up some books and coloring stuff for kids.

P1070152 P1070153 P1070154

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Week #23

Monday started off with all sorts of fun, and we got to have a little visitor for the day. My niece was not feeling well, so came over to spend the day.
T. got a chance to do his reading practice while reading to her.

She enjoyed coloring in the sunshine as well!

It has been really great this week to see some of my boys really get into reading the history books for themselves. This week, my third son and his dad sat for like an hour, reading through some of them.
My husband learned history in Russia, and much of history was very differently taught under Communism. He is often amazed and joins in on our history reading. It is new info for him!


P1070085 P1070086 More reading with my niece.

We read a book about Martin Luther King Jr. as well. They were all a little amazed at how people could treat others that way, based on skin color.

P1070084Math time!! We have still been having issues with TT Math 6.

P1070090 L. has been very interested in the historical reference books we have around and has spent a lot of extra school time this week, reading and looking at them.

We had some fun in Botany, studying different types of leaves. Thankfully we had a house plant with a leaf that had turned yellow to talk about some of the experiments as outside is frozen.


We have been enjoying this William Carey read aloud this week and read ahead as well.


P1070093Watching a science movie


P1070101We dug out the Speak and Spell to work on!

P1070100Doing school on the big desk called the floor

P1070102Reading time

P1070098The set up

P1070099Working away

P1070106Time to read the paper and catch up on current events. T. was a little more interested in what coupons he could find. A local girl is competing in the Olympics. so he was excited about that.

P1070105 P1070104Reading aloud time

P1070103Language Arts

P1070107 P1070108 Play practice for the week

Everyone lined up first on chairs to get instructions and then the fun began. 4 hours of it.

P1070112 P1070111 P1070110It was a big circle!

Drama class exercise to pull you out of your shell!

P1070113 P1070114 P1070115Practicing dancing

P1070118 P1070117 P1070116Lots of sitting still and listening time as well. As you can see, the photos blurred as there was not as much sitting still as there should have been! P. is giving me a look for taking a picture too, in that last one. H. is taking notes.

It was a good week! We got a lot accomplished and I was dead tired. P. is away at a basketball game and we are recovering for next week!





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Week #22

This week has been different!!

Monday: we moved away from America and studied some of Captain Cook’s adventures. I was impressed at how much the boys are retaining and knowing this year!
We also read about how Australia was made into a convict colony. It brought up some good discussion as many of them were called convicts, when really they were just starving, desperate people.

We also started a new read aloud about William Carey.

Tuesday and Wednesday:
H. went to visit my mom, so it threw our school days off a bit.
I adjusted history and had L. read the science to himself and out loud. He found the portion on Leaves amusing and used different voices to read it aloud.
He is also reading A Week in the woods for reading practice and hopefully for a book club meeting.

Since we are studying the French revolution, I have some activities planned for Friday with movies to reinforce those ideas!

P. is working away on The Hiding place. I checked out the movie as well as the book, and audio book, so I think we are covered. He finished To Kill a Mocking Bird and has writing assignments based on that. He has a couple of basketball games this weekend out of town, which is hard on me!

George Washington coloring sheet for notebook

We read about William Carey, are working on sprouting carrots and potatoes, but low and behold, we have both already! =)
Math and Language Arts is next, but combined with a movie.
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0050287/”>Dangerous Exile

It was on Netflix , made in 1958 and a great one for this week!


The state Notebooking was pretty basic this week, but were fun!




Play practice starts today and heading to it in a bit! It will be about 4 to 5 hours  a week, I believe.

(Script printed out)


The boys enjoyed play practice….

P1070080Listening to the plans for the class. It was funny as the history we read about this morning, was what they were discussing for the play.

P1070081Playing a game to see how well you keep focus.

1551651_10201371793322781_52480138_n P. went to a basketball game far away and the family he was riding with sent me this picture!

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Week #21

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing has been our Hymn for the week. It is such a great hymn and we have enjoyed singing it!

In botany we were reading about fruit pollination, and were once again reminded that I get so grossed out by the fact that bats pollinate tropical fruits.

We went over and over the state and federal government, branches, the Constitution, and read about how Washington was elected for the first president.

We started the state notebook pages, which was fun! There was some great coloring jobs.

For our read aloud, we finished Mary Jones and her Bible.

We read about wind dispersal, but it was hard to do anything when it was cold. However, it is warming up and maybe we can learn before we know it!

Teaching Textbooks has been very irritating and only working sometimes. I thought it was the computer, but it seems to be something else. More trouble shooting in my future!
I am still missing my camera….so no pictures!

P. is reading To Kill a Mockingbird, The hiding place, reviewing Pilgrim’s Progress and learning about all sorts of things. He is finally understanding and back to enjoying math more, I think!

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Week #20

I left my camera somewhere, so this post is without pictures.

Back to school! It felt good to be back on a schedule, even though, I feel somewhat worn out!
I snuggled on the couch, reading with the boys. We started Mary Jones and her Bible. I remembered this book from my childhood and it was fun to share it with the boys. We have been enjoying singing different hymns throughout the weeks as well. This week was Jesus, Loveer of my soul, which I do not know as well.

I decided to skip out on the rest of George Washington’s world, and only read pieces of it. It is just not clicking with me!

After a hectic day of doula appts, basketball and the boys were working still doing wiring, we made it to a friends house for an evening of school history, by watching Ben Hur. That was a better movie that I remembered. I need to re-read the book!

P. had basketball, but was working on electrical today as well, it makes life a little busy. He was working to finish up some math and history assignments as well. It is a little hard to work on some of the Botany projects when the weather is so cold, but we are making due.
We are loving the time period we are studying now.

We read about some people this week that I was not familiar with! John Jay, John Muhlenburg and John Witherspoon….a(a lot of John’s)
Benedict Arnold was also on topic for this week!

Thursday and Friday:
We read about Butterflies, wind pollination, flower pollination, and some topics on more of the American Revolution. I think I understand it all better than I ever did before!

It was a good week!

We finished out the week with a basketball game. The team we were to play, canceled the last minute on us, but we had a great game to watch anyhow!

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School week #19

Since it is the week before Christmas we are doing school a little different.

Monday~ We read our books in the morning and read extra from Distant Thunder. I probably should have read The Christmas Surprise, before that!! They spent an hour on P.E. as well.

Then we headed out after math and language arts were finished to make raviolis for Christmas. This is usually an all day project, and it really was! P. has basketball practice in the evening and when we finally ended up at home, it was late.

Tuesday~ We read more George Washington’s world,  history about John Adams and then I pulled up 1776 to watch to cement some of the facts. That was fun! Science was supposed to be about flowers, but they are a little scarce right now!

P. had a two hour practice after 1 hour of exercise beforehand to warm up, so three hours of P.E today. He was tired out when he got home, but helped with more arm exercise for grinding the meat.

P1060943 P1060945 P1060944

It was a combined effort!

P1060946 P1060948The end results!

The freezer is full of many good things! I am not a meat eater, but thankful for the freezer full.

P1060949Hopefully it all is good!

Wednesday: We read Distant Thunder and several chapters in George Washington’s world. We did math, handwriting practice, Language arts, and I headed over to my friends for her birthday and a cup of tea. It was very nice to take a small break!

The boys had a job cleaning up someones yard before church, and P. spent most of the day at the table working on math!


We finished Distant Thunder today! The boys loved it! It was great for putting some of the things we were reading into a way they could understand. We are planing on watching Liberty Kids again as well for the same reason.

I am a little tired of reading George Washington’s world though!

P1060951 The boys were looking at real pictures that I took of the Liberty Bell and City Hall, etc. in Philadelphia when I visited a few years back.

P1060950Language Arts….

This day was incredibly busy with lots of things to do, but we had a basketball game for P. in the afternoon, and more after that to watch, so P. and I were there, while F. took the other boys to my nephews program to watch. I wanted to go see my nieces orchestra play, but not this time. The game was fun though!

P1060956 P1060955 P1060954 P1060953Yes, lots of fast movements going on down there!

Friday is another day, which I will update tomorrow!


We took a slow day today. P. had work this morning. H. started the day with a workout and then we did  a lot of science.

I reorganized my school books in a wooden crate that looks nicer to have in the living room and we moved onto math and sewing projects.


P1060958 P1060959 Sewing project for the day

P1060960 P1060961 Working on math and language arts pages

We also are watching a Dear America episode or two to get the feel for some history! I hope to do some baking later as well.

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Last several weeks of school…..15, 16, 17 and 18

My camera has been down, so I have not been posting lately..It is working, but full of all sorts of pictures that I want to print. I have been busy and therefore not  been up on writing on here. I am sorry!

Here are a few that I had not posted though!

Yes, that is right. My life has been filled to the brim with basketball! I could tell you all sorts of things I have learned this year about basketball that I did not know before. I can even watch college ball and follow the game.

P1060920 P1060924 P1060925

5th/6th ball is over now.

We played in a tournament and won first place trophy and came close to getting second place as well with our other team.

P1060934The boys did a great job!


7th/8th graders played in a tournament and did really well. They were a little discouraged as there were some changes to the team, and some players did not show up to play, but the ones that did just really went out there and did their best. They had so much fun! I was impressed to see them laughing on the court, talking with the players from the other team and the kindness among the boys. They came close, and were about 4 points from moving on to play for a trophy, but were happy to go home too. They played well! H. really had fun playing and the joy on his face when the coach told everyone !I want to see you all catching rebounds like H.~ was very sweet to see.


He has had to work so hard at school this year, but there have been big improvements. We are making strides in all areas!

P1060932 One of our many little visitors we have had over the last few weeks. We have done several babysitting times…

P1060926I took L. on a date out to dinner….just him and I.

P1060930 He really enjoyed his meal to the fullest, Hot roast beef sandwich, mashed potatoes and cheesecake for dessert. P1060927He also loved reading the jokes and playing tic tac toe on the tables there. What a neat idea to do at a place to eat!

P1060931There was a lot of this kind of school going on as well, every morning! We have been reading along with MFW. P. has been working hard on algebra, history, humanities, writing, music and other subjects.

There had not been a read aloud scheduled for MFW in these last weeks, so we added one that has gone with the course so beautifully! We are reading Distant Thunder by Ruth Nulton Moore. They are loving it and it is sticking with them. You can read in a history book that the Hessians were forced to fight for the British, but when you make that person come alive, they really remember it. I highly recommend it. It really gives you a different view of from another angle of some of the heroes of the Revolutionary war.

We will be planning on doing some baking, shopping, lots of cleaning and catching up on household duties in the next couple of weeks. We will likely take some days off of school as well, but I do not like to get out of a routine.

Next post….there will be more pictures! Sometimes you get too busy with schoolwork and you forget to take pictures!

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