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MFW Week 26- ECC

My posts about school sort of have gotten lost is the book review posts and basketball. Blogging about anything other than what had to be done is really not been the priority.

You know, just a few games were played here and there. It has been a blur of action between school mornings, basketball, basketball practice, our homeschool theater club starting practice, which is 7 hours weekly or more, there is not much time for anything


else.  Well, other than a little baby cuddling, reading in the sunshine and the sort.


We have been enjoying China and Japan this last while. Gladys Alyward has been a huge success, and we are pushing through “I dared to call Him Father” as well.

We bought a bunch of snacks from the grocery store that were Japanese or Chinese and had fun with that. We didn’t get our Chinese feast, but that is coming!

Life has not been without stress lately. I am learning more and more about property management. My oldest son got his permit and is learning to drive. We are working to catch up on all the work he is behind on from a busy month of basketball in January. We also battled Influenza A, and thankfully my youngest son and I were protected so far despite nursing the older three that were very sick.

This week while reading about Oceans in ECC, we pulled out a book about the Titanic. We read that as a book basket book and then discussed the replica that was recently built and if anyone will want to sail on it.

It has been a week for wins in school. Life may be hard elsewhere, but we persevere. We had an opportunity to have some discussions this week on topics such as politics, domestic violence, and safety in other areas. It seems it never is boring discussion here.

I am so thankful for MFW bringing up hard topics to discuss with many view points presented.

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Basketball and MFW- ECC etc

The last 7th/8th game of the season! They ended the year, undefeated, although they had one or two close ones. They played very well and worked hard.  There are two tournaments that are upcoming and then I just have high school ball to work on.

And, speaking of high school ball, we have been spending time on the bleachers a lot this year. I have two high school players and in this game last night, they both were playing in the same game. It was fun to watch. H. has a really high vertical as does P. They make up for their shorter height in jumping ability and speed.  I sit in the bleachers and breathe prayers for an injury free year.

School has been going well. We are beginning Week 15 as of yesterday. This month has sort of been a blur, and we had trouble with our math programs this month. But we are working on resolving that. We are trying new things for the boys and hopefully going to be pushing them a bit this month.

We had fun with Scandinavia and are in the middle of Germany right now. Yesterday, we watched a youtube video with pictures of the city where my grandfather was born in Germany. We still have relatives in Germany, so it made it more personal. We enjoyed making French food as well and am looking forward to trying out some German food this week.

Life has been a bit rough, with my loss and my increased work schedule, which has caused extra stress on my students as well as me. I am just praying to move past it and keep going.

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