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Basketball and MFW- ECC etc

The last 7th/8th game of the season! They ended the year, undefeated, although they had one or two close ones. They played very well and worked hard.  There are two tournaments that are upcoming and then I just have high school ball to work on.

And, speaking of high school ball, we have been spending time on the bleachers a lot this year. I have two high school players and in this game last night, they both were playing in the same game. It was fun to watch. H. has a really high vertical as does P. They make up for their shorter height in jumping ability and speed.  I sit in the bleachers and breathe prayers for an injury free year.

School has been going well. We are beginning Week 15 as of yesterday. This month has sort of been a blur, and we had trouble with our math programs this month. But we are working on resolving that. We are trying new things for the boys and hopefully going to be pushing them a bit this month.

We had fun with Scandinavia and are in the middle of Germany right now. Yesterday, we watched a youtube video with pictures of the city where my grandfather was born in Germany. We still have relatives in Germany, so it made it more personal. We enjoyed making French food as well and am looking forward to trying out some German food this week.

Life has been a bit rough, with my loss and my increased work schedule, which has caused extra stress on my students as well as me. I am just praying to move past it and keep going.

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MFW- ECC, AHL, etc Week 4


The week was off with a start and serious faces. Tuesday was the local homeschool kickoff. We hurried through our daily work to go and help out there. My class on succeeding with your children struggle, went well, I believe.

IMG_0944IMG_0940 Practicing the first steps of cursive on the iPad. We have been having trouble with it on paper.

IMG_0942Sorting legos is always a chore, but listening to audio stories while sorting makes it better and gets school done as well.  We have been listening to Swiss Family Robinson, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (for the older ones), I am going to be doing more from this book next week, but reading aloud. “Prayers that Changed History”


Here are some of our leaf collections that they found for science this week.

IMG_0315 IMG_0316

IMG_0937 Who says you can’t do math on the go? Algebra 2, on the way to the doctor and back. 100% on that lesson!

For our “American” dinner, we went with Venison Steaks, corn on the cob, homemade macaroni and cheese, Iced tea and peach crisp. The one nice thing about doing ECC, is having themed weeks of meals all planned out for me. I am planning on doing some freezer meals, and looking ahead for the weeks to correspond.

IMG_0317 IMG_0318

We have been also encouraging working on practice SAT tests and writing classes will start up this week.

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Summer days, school prep and other topics

This summer has been full of good times and as it is coming to an end, I am starting to think about school preparation and slightly freaking out!

I have been doing a bit of reading recently as you can see from some of the reviews I have posted!




P1070891These are a few pictures of our visit to the water slides!

P1070886 P1070883

Then we participated in a street basketball tournament this last week.

P1070934 P1070935 P1070936 P1070931 P1070932 P1070933 P1070929 It was a lot of good fun!

I also had a lot of work that I did with a breastfeeding event as well for World Breastfeeding week.

P1070880 P1070881 P1070882 We had play dough for the kids to play with!

This was a picture of our booth.


We had a lot of fun! But it was a lot of work. I am hoping it helps generate some more awareness and education about doulas!


So, now, it is better for me to start with school preparation, it is really the last thing I really want to do, but I have to do that!



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First day of school!!






Breakfast time!


L. Grade 5


P1060173 H. Grade 7

P1060174T. Grade 3

P1060175Well, not the best picture of my 9th grader, but this is generally what morning looks like.

P1060176Reading program on the computer


P1060177 No!!! No more Language arts!

P1060178 Yawn!! He was singing about pronouns though with it!


P1060179 Math time!

P1060180Math drills and animal science movies.


I didn’t get pictures of them working on their history notebooks, but it was a great day!


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