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MFW Week 26- ECC

My posts about school sort of have gotten lost is the book review posts and basketball. Blogging about anything other than what had to be done is really not been the priority.

You know, just a few games were played here and there. It has been a blur of action between school mornings, basketball, basketball practice, our homeschool theater club starting practice, which is 7 hours weekly or more, there is not much time for anything


else.  Well, other than a little baby cuddling, reading in the sunshine and the sort.


We have been enjoying China and Japan this last while. Gladys Alyward has been a huge success, and we are pushing through “I dared to call Him Father” as well.

We bought a bunch of snacks from the grocery store that were Japanese or Chinese and had fun with that. We didn’t get our Chinese feast, but that is coming!

Life has not been without stress lately. I am learning more and more about property management. My oldest son got his permit and is learning to drive. We are working to catch up on all the work he is behind on from a busy month of basketball in January. We also battled Influenza A, and thankfully my youngest son and I were protected so far despite nursing the older three that were very sick.

This week while reading about Oceans in ECC, we pulled out a book about the Titanic. We read that as a book basket book and then discussed the replica that was recently built and if anyone will want to sail on it.

It has been a week for wins in school. Life may be hard elsewhere, but we persevere. We had an opportunity to have some discussions this week on topics such as politics, domestic violence, and safety in other areas. It seems it never is boring discussion here.

I am so thankful for MFW bringing up hard topics to discuss with many view points presented.

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MFW- ECC, AHL… Weeks 2-3


School takes many different forms.


We do a lot of bookwork. But we also realized that hard work and exercise help with school.

This includes painting the storage shed.


As well as picking plums for jam.


Balancing on the roof without spilling the paint, really takes skill. He had fun with it though! He has been working to earn money to go to Parkour classes and this fit the bill!


Our “Global Art” Hands around the world paper dolls. There were a lot of laughs while doing that one, but we got it done!


Monopoly Game with friends!


Our very sorry, around the world cake from the end of Week 2.


We find that working on the floor helps with some grounding and paying attention. It does not always work, but this time, he was working away.



Labeling all the states names



Book Basket reading time!

IMG_0923 School? Really? Again?


L. has been writing a daily newspaper for his writing assignments until Language arts co-op classes start next week. It needs some work, but is cute!


It is easy to see pictures and think that things always go smoothly. We finished our third week of school and have had days where I want to throw my hands up and wonder if they learned anything. It helps me to take pictures and see that we did actually work.  On one of the days last week, we were struggling to find cohesiveness. After reading the D.L Moody story about the Great Chicago Fire in Hero Tales, we ended up watching a few videos and learned more.

We had a great talk about some of the history of Chicago.



Chicago World Expo


It is helpful to learn to investigate more into history as we are in this unit and figure out how they learn while we are reading.

On the harder days, I realize that my goals are to help them to learn. It doesn’t always mean it looks conventional. I just need to work to get that knowledge into them.

We were working on AHL- my son is reading through Job as well as all the other assignments. Our writing looks a little different, but things are going smoothly.

This is the first year they are all using Teaching Textbooks and I have to say that is my favorite part of school so far. I stay highly involved so to make it work. Many people complain about it, but most of the time, it is often because it is not used in the way it was intended with an involved teacher and math drills. At least, I hope I am right about that! They seem to be learning!

We also did a little “Beginning of school celebration” by letting the boys go to a nearby amusement park with their cousins and relatives. My oldest son went on his first college visit as well, checking out a college in Seattle.



11879164_10206083586100952_3089792396512315710_o 10496058_10206083424416910_5016078359245654094_o

Another lesson we learned in the last few weeks was about air quality. This was a picture of one of the smoke filled days during that time. That is not fog.


Thankfully, it finally decided to rain and drive the smoke away, keeping the fires at bay. We hope it stays that way.

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MFW Exploring Cultures and Countries Preparation and Week 1

It is the beginning of another school year. It looks a little different this year as this time, we have two in high school and the younger two are 5th and 7th grade.

Barring any arguments about what or how school will be done, we should conquer all and learn this year once again.

We are using My Father’s World- Exploring Cultures and Countries, Ancient History and Literature as well as US history. This will be our 6th year using My Father’s World.

I am working hard to keep things very simple and focusing on learning, but yet, not stress about it to an extreme.

It seems there has to be a good balance between overloading students and lacking discipline.


We have finished Week 1 and are onto Week 2…


11888013_10204936237545495_8440779391108698358_n Grade 12 books that do not have a home yet and are still sitting in the living room on the bench.

11949269_10204936237385491_1516753798422191573_nGrade 7 book Basket- ready to go

11953110_10204936236865478_3423488326522991488_nGrade 9 Book Basket – Ben Hur is one of the extra reads we are going to try for as well. I also bought an Usborne Encyclopedia as I am going to work on some the ECC geography with my 9th grader as well.

11896187_10204936236625472_6296235972350915425_n 5th Grade Reading basket

11254117_10204893682321641_3085528098806014895_n My organized shelf in my room with binders, extra books we are not using, pencils, glue, crayons, scissors etc.

11895122_10204881139808086_7601148495899907716_o-2 My main basket… stored in the living room.



I feel very unprepared this year, but am going slowly, but surely forward!

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MFW Week’s 16, 17, 18 and 19

The homeschooling weeks are going by in a blur! We have been busy with getting up, pushing through school, basketball and getting ready for the holidays. We have had all sorts of transportation issues in the last month. I feel like I live in a fog half the time! I pulled out my camera after it went with the car to the repair shop, so there are not a lot of pictures of our actual school time.

P1080235 Our little school visitor

Basketball Games

P1080228 P1080229 P1080230

Reading with cousinsP1080231 P1080232 P1080233 P1080234 Being silly!

P1080225 P1080224 P1080219 P1080217They loved their coach and water to sit as close to him as possible!

P1080256 P1080260 A tight game in which our team won the first place trophy by one point!

We have been learning a lot with our history these last few weeks. I found that I was not happy with the lack of learning about the Oregon Trail and California Gold Rush, so we changed out the read-aloud. I am not a huge fan of the Sergeant York story myself, and we already have listened to an audio story of it. So, we are instead reading an old favorite. “The Singing Boones”.

We were reading the one day and they were explaining some of the perils of the trip. Cholera was mentioned. This led to a web search, with way more information than I ever wanted to know.

In our studies of the “Great War”, Mustard Gas was mentioned, so we brought up pictures of gas masks, patients with Mustard gas exposure, and why it was not allowed to be used now.

In high school, the study of Russian history and writing about it has been consuming us. He is in full swing basketball season, so it is tough to work hard on school and practice. We are persevering!

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MFW Weeks #9 and #10

We are homeschoolers when it comes to our education choice. That means a lot of different things for different people. Some people think that means we get to be lazy, for us it is quite the opposite. For me, it means that from the time I wake up, until the time I go to sleep, I am thinking on how I can cram one small amount of knowledge into my children’s heads in a new way. I usually attempt to find ways that they don’t realize they are learning. It doesn’t mean we don’t have fun. P1080160 It can  often mean I get to hear our history sung in falsetto… P1080161 Or we may strike dramatic poses while listening to our brothers read dramatically. P1080166 We take some pauses to observe nature around us and the bug outside let us get close to it. P1080171 Sometimes it means we have moments of collapse. It is not limited to only the children. P1080158 Sometimes we all want to just lay down on the job. It is not recommended though. =) P1080169 P1080168 We had a free moment to use a coupon at a local cafe with my husband and son.  Don’t take health lessons from my husband, he thought the shake was not sweet enough and stirred jam into it. P1080182 We were late on your science project with cleaning pennies in coke, and here is a picture of them soaking. It was really hard to buy that! 1795168_10203075571790014_7998481270109954750_o 10629337_10203075572830040_236724460891775420_o We also sometimes have little guests that decide to help us with our school days. P1080159 We do a lot of reading time. We try to at least require 30 minutes of non-school reading every day. For my anti-readers, it can be a challenge, but they are learning and starting to enjoy it, despite themselves. P1080163 Notice the large boxes in the background? Yes, the homeschooler still has to fundraise, and we are selling popcorn for our homeschool theater club. P1080181 This was an audio book we were listening to, as well as finishing Across Five Aprils. We really enjoyed Across Five Aprils. I found a book with some questions about the book and activities to do, which we did a couple of. P1080179 P1080176 Math? No, I think I will learn about the Explorers, in this sticker book from Usborne. P1080174 Watching a documentary on Netflix about the Civil War during breakfast is always a learning experience. P1080175 H. having reading practice with his fun tutor that comes to visit every other week. 1011753_10203120693604195_3604858327931201354_n Nature walks for exercise are a must to keep energy levels so they can focus. Plus, basketball practice and games always help too! We won our second game we played of the year this week too. P1080183Math Drills? We got them!!! P1080185 History? We read it aloud, and sometimes leave the crafts to just read about. This week, instead we looked up about the Railroad spike monuments. P1080184 Grammar? We attempt to learn that as well! We will conquer the mountains that face us! P1080173 All that makes a mom tired. I think I will pause with a cup of tea and a salad. Next week is another week. Right now, I am thankful for the weekend!  I may still be thinking about lesson plans, my oldest’s sons assignments he has due and all the other things we have on our plate, but for now, I am happy to have completed another couple of weeks! Moms…homeschool or not, no matter the educational choice you have chosen for your children, remind yourself that this is a tough gig. It is okay to feel worn out sometimes, but make sure to admit that you can’t do everything sometimes. Try to keep a sense of humor through all the ups and downs! Parenting is tough, but it sure can have it’s rewards! Keep going!!!

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