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Car shopping

I was gone again today, Tony and I with my mom for part of the day, car shopping for her. It is hard for me because i do not like to look at new cars. They jut seems so expensive, but nice, I guess!

We did go to a resteraunt supply store! It was like a dream store! It is full of sturdy kitchen utensils, or silverware by the quanity. I bought a dozen spoons for under $2 and some stainless steel serving spoons and a rubber scraper! It was so fun just to go in there and look!

I caught a small cold so my voice is funny again. I need to take alot of vitamin C, so far it is mainly my voice! So, good night!

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Long Weekend!

I was gone all weekend, first the homeschool conference, then on Sunday I went to church in the morning and then to the Russian church. After Russian church we got invited over to a friend's house for dinner. We helped peel potatoes and made mashed potatoes, little meat kabobs, these blinze things filled with meat and rice, cucumber tomato salad, and this salad with fish, beets etc. I didn't have any of that, but Fred enjoyed it!

It makes me think again how this way of eating is so nice! They always have a real variety of things, but little plates of things! We enjoyed the evening and then I spent some time with my mom at my sister's house.

I got some coupons for Bath and body works so I was thinking of going and using them! We'll see how the day goes!

There were lots of babies at church! And pregnant women! 2 of them were about to have their babies 2-3 weeks away and they did not look very happy.

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Homeschool convention

Sally Clarkson was the speaker and listening to her speak made me want to read her books. I would like to try some of their child training techniques. They sound really good! She was a funny, good speaker!

Then I went to a class on teaching children with a reading struggles. It was talking about a different method of phonics and the other was this lady who was really a hand on teacher. She was great! She had us all identify what type of learner we were from 4 she had a paper and then went over how to use those 4 different types of learning to make engaging lessons. She was very active!

My third class got canceled so I helped finish setting up the tea and we had a wonderful tea with all sorts of good food and tea and listened to Sally Clarkson again. We had collected these pretty centerpieces from different businesses for all the ladies to win! It was fun, helping set it all up. We put pink doilies under the plates, stem glasses, tea pots and cups with pretty decorative napkins. We had all sorts of sandwiches and sweets to eat and good hot tea!

My mom was really disappointed as a lady went into labor and so she was not able to come! Such is the life of a midwife!

So, we have another part day tomorrow, so another busy day!

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If only…..

On Sunday we had a sermon on Temptation and talking about Eve and the Serpent etc. I suddenly saw a picture of this in my life, how often satan leads our attention to the things that could have been or might be if only we could do such and such.

He makes it seem like it would be so great, when in reality we would probably not be much happier with a different house…because then we would have a different payment and would be complaining about that. If we had the opportunity to go to school (my thing) I would be complaining that I had so much study to do and no time.

All in all, he does the same to us that he did to Eve. God gave them every tree in the garden except for one, and he had to say what about the one you cannot eat.
I think sometimes I do this with my husband not being healthy.

I think “if only….” and am not grateful for all the blessings God has given me besides. If I had the one thing I desire, who knows that I would not be discontent in something else with my relationship.

So, anyhow, just a little encouragement to be thankful for what we have and not to always to look to what we do not have. He has blessed us with so much and instead of looking to the few things we cannot have, being grateful for them can be a step to contentment!


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My sister is graduating from 8th grade this month. She has worked really hard at school the last while and we are really pleased with her!

Recently she came down to spend the week with my other sisters and I.

It was alot of fun! She made the most gorgeous trifle that tasted wonderful!!! it had all sorts of berries in it and cake with pudding and whipped cream! Maybe not the healthiest dessert, but well, there were berries in it!

She has turned into such a wonderful young woman that I am very proud of!

Congratulations Gina!

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Heat Wave

It as gotten really warm her the last few days! It was upper 80's -90 the last week. Thankfully today it cooled down to about 78-80 degrees and rained alot.

The problem is in that it is too warm for this time of year and the snow in the mountains is melting too fast. We are not really near a river, but there is alot of things affected by this around us. The rivers are very high, causing flooding to the surrounding areas. I went by a rive today and crossing the bridge the water as just pounding on the underneath part of it as there is so much water. My mom and dad live near a dam and I think sometimes about what would happen if it broke, and just do not like to think about it.

Anyhow, in all that, I bought two tomato plants today and planted them. I have not gotten the seeds planted yet, but will hopefully tomorrow get the zuchuni and maybe spinach planted.

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May 18, 2006 · 10:29 am

Mother’s day

My mom and my sister Monica have found something they enjoy doing together!

Scrapbooking! They have been having alot of fun with it! On Mother's day we did a little scrapbooking and mom and Monica got to play with the cutting system I had which was fun for them! Mom also had some beautiful flowers Joe sent her for mother's day in the picture. Don't they both look so pretty and happy?

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Mom’s house

Tony enjoys playing outside at mom's house as there is people to watch him and he can walk around outside free!

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A beautiful day…..

It has been so nice and warm out! It was over 80 degrees yesterday!

This morning there is a slight breeze, so I opened all the windows and the breeze is clearing out all the winter germs and smells from being all closed up and heated for so long.

You know, it seems like you can clean and clean, but there is nothing like fresh air to clean out a house! The wind chimes on the neighbors house are ringing slightly, it is very relaxing to just sit here forever!!

I bought seeds yesterday, for spinach and zucchuni! I am excited to get them planted.

Yesterday we spent the evening at Maria's house. Fred built Maria a bunch of shelves in her basement. She is organizing her sewing and scrapbooking down there. Fred does such a wonderful job at building shelves. It looked great! I made a roasted chicken in the crockpot so we had that for dinner. I am going to make soup from the broth today! Yum! I wish I had some roasted vegetables to go in it! They are always so tasty in a soup.

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