Menu for the week/My little greenhouse

Ahh, the heat is hitting our happy area, and thunderstorms come through to cool things off. Tonight there was a doozy of a storm, but it was beautiful to watch with the wind, hail, and hard rain! 

My son and husband finished mostly, our little greenhouse. I will hopefully get a permanent roof for it and screen in the door, but hopefully it helps the tomatoes grow better. 

ImageIsn’t it cute? 

ImageThey had fun building it! It is mostly built from scraps and old windows, so a bit pieced together, but working great!


So, the menu for the week! 

Wednesday: Sloppy  Joes, green salad, pasta salad

Thursday: Tacos, rice

Friday: Warm Cashew chicken salad

Saturday: Chicken/vegetable stir fry and rice

Sunday: Leftovers, popcorn, cookies

Monday: Crispy Won-ton and chicken salad, egg rolls

Tuesday: Pasta, salad, Cheesy breadsticks


I want to make these this week….Peanut Butter and Chocolate granola bars and The best snicker doodles

However, if a little baby decides to make an appearance, some of this may be scrapped! 




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2 responses to “Menu for the week/My little greenhouse

  1. That is a wonderful greenhouse. I’m really, really impressed!


  2. Pam

    So adorable! Here’s to your tomatoes!


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